Over a delicious cup of coffee, Cutso and I recently agreed that we should do something to help celebrate #DreDay2015 and show our appreciation for one of the greatest musical minds of our time, Dr. Dre.  Cutso and I are both nerds and I’ve been messing with 8Bit remixes recently so we decided to flip the seminal classic “Nuthin’ But A G Thang“.  Our version has just enough nerd synth to make you nostalgic for your Nintendo but we also gave it enough drums so you can play it in your sets, at Zumba class, whatever.



Shout out to my man DJ 3PM for the video sync.



Look out for more remixes from us very soon…


G Thang 8Bit Art 2


Monday 2.10.2014

More Fire Mondays

Sevillas – Riverside, CA



We’re now one week into the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for “Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ“.  If you haven’t checked out the project yet, go HERE to watch the promo video with DJ Jazzy Jeff, read about the movie, make a donation and share it.  Thank you again for all your support!




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Saturday 12.28.2013

Moomba Theater

1780 Avenue Pierre Péladeau, Laval, QC H7T 1H8, Canada



Last month I headed to Las Vegas to DJ some dates at Insert Coins.  Luckily I had some microphones in my bag and snagged an interview with my most hospitable host, DJ 88.  In Episode 8 (that was a total accident) of the Extra Credit Podcast, Las Vegas murder mami DJ 88 fills us in about coming up as DJ Adam 12‘s manager, Associate Producing the High School High soundtrack and carving out her place in the boy’s club that is DJing.  Do the knowledge, subscribe and give the podcast a good rating!


Also, if you need some DJ gear, sound, lights, whatever, visit our podcast sponsor, AGI Pro DJ, and use the code EXTRACREDIT when you check out.  You’ll save some loot while supporting a DJ-based company!


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2013 marks the 7th year for the Pathfinder of West Virginia’s “Motown Throwdown”.  Every year around Halloween, Pathfinder blocks off High Street, the main street on WVU’s campus and throws a massive party.  The park team from 7 Springs Resort trucks in snow and builds ramps for a ski and snowboard competition.  No party would be complete without amazing music so in addition to my DJing, past musical guests include Mix Master Mike and Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest.  (video HERE)  This year’s throwdown was big as ever and I decided to hit the record button.


Click on the picture below to view the full gallery and download the live mix for FREE.



Photos by Josh Soberdash.  Original artwork by Show Deer.



DJ Zimmie – Live at the 2013 Motown Throwdown (Clean)



It’s that time of year again…  If you haven’t been to the Motown Throwdown and you live within 2 hours of WVU, you’re missing out.  Every year our good friends at 7 Springs truck in snow and we build a snowboard park in the middle of the street.  Then we set up bands and DJs and have the best party WVU sees all year.  Check out THIS VIDEO from 2011 with Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest!


7th Annual Motown Throwdown

Saturday 11.2.2013

Pathfinder of West Virginia

235 High Street – Morgantown, WV

6 pm / All Ages / DJ Zimmie + Live Band / No Cover




The End Of DJing…


First off, if you’re reading this on your cell phone and you’re in the middle of a dance floor at a club, say good night to your friends, pay your tab, walk outside and step in front of a bus.  The world thanks you.


I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time and I’m actually glad that I didn’t.  So many things have happened in the years since this seed was planted and they all help to buttress my perspective.  Whether or not you agree with me after reading this doesn’t matter to me at all.  As a DJ and a person who might consider killing himself if he went deaf because he loves music that much, I live this.  This is my life.  If something happened and I never DJ’d another gig, I would be satisfied with my career.  I’ve played all over the United States, in other countries and with too many amazing artists and DJs to name.  I’ve supported myself playing music to make people dance.  I have no complaints or regrets.


Also, as of writing this final draft, my heart is broken by all the recent calls from DJ friends who are “over it”.  These are good people and great DJs who have reached their breaking point from terrible music, unresponsive or abusive crowds, less-than-savory nightclub staff (from bathroom attendant up to owner) and all sorts of other bullshit unique to the profession of DJing.  The thing they love, their reason for getting up in the morning is damaged beyond repair.


This article is long because I care.  Read the whole thing if you care.



“The Story”


A few years ago on Cinco De Mayo, a club I worked for booked the legendary Crooklyn Clan to perform a 4 turntable set.  Some of you know CC from their record pool and classic party breaks, some of you don’t know them at all.  But if you’re in the know, you know that Riz & Sizzahandz are 2 of the baddest DJs to ever do it.  After the gig we did the late night grub thing and as if almost by accident, one of the most life-changing conversations I’ve ever had happened.  I don’t remember the point of the story being told but at one point either Riz or Siz said “after DJing”.


“You mean when you guys stop DJing one day?”, I asked.


“No, when DJing ends.”, they said.


You could tell it was a conversation they had previously had at length and were in agreement about the concept.  They broke it down like this…


“One day real soon, all of this is gonna end.  Sure there will be people DJing but it won’t matter.  When all the veterans retire, us, Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina, Bobbito, Scratch, Prince Paul, all the good music cats, it’s over.  We can’t keep the good music parties going, venues don’t want it because it doesn’t bring a bottle service crowd and all the good music venues are closing.  People bought the buildings on either side of APT in NYC and called in noise complaints until it closed.  Who the fuck does that?!  And all the DJs are becoming interchangeable.  All clubs play the same 100 songs so why pay someone extra because they do it better?  Most of the crowds don’t care anyways.  Can I ask you a question?”


“Yeah.”, I said with my mouth hanging open.


“I have about 5,000 disco records.  Lots of hard to find shit I got from labels back in the day.  I’m gonna rip it all to digital.  You want it?”, Riz asked.


“Yeah.  Are you serious?”


“Yep.  What do you want?” .


“Uhh… Can I have all of it?  Is this a trick question?”, I said.


“You know how many younger DJs I ask that question to and they all say the same thing?  They say, “Gimme whatever will work in the club”.  They just want 20 disco tracks to have their “disco set”.  They don’t actually like disco.  They don’t give a fuck about the music.  They’d play the same 20 disco songs for the rest of their life and not care.”, Riz told me.


I was sitting at a table with 6 or 7 other DJs and nobody said anything.  Good DJs.  DJs that had been doing this for decades.  None of us could argue with them.  Our minds were blown.


I’ve told this story so many times in the past few years to DJs and nobody has argued with me.


The Causes


Some people say that everything happens for a reason.  I like to think that things happen for a bunch of reasons.  I listened to an interview with Chuck D one time and he explained how Hip-Hop started because of a specific intersection of technology, geography, socio-economic climate, popular thought, music and other variables.  It was a set of circumstances that will never happen again.  The same is true for the rise of rock music, the reason certain fashion trends take hold or why revolutions start.  There isn’t a singular cause behind “The End of DJing”, it’s a myriad of ideas, actions, trends other factors that will be the death of the DJing that we know and love.  The tragic irony is that I’m watching it die at almost the same speed that it becomes more popular than it has ever been.




I don’t know who decided that the soundtrack for a pool party is aggro bro rave music, but they are confused.  This mix will put a smile on your face and drastically decrease the odds of UFC fighting at your pool.  I talked to your girlfriend, she likes all these songs.


Approved by Arnold Palmer


DJ Zimmie – Tan Lines




We’re about to wrap up the Summer with our last All Good Sunday of 2013 so we thought we’d go out with a bang.  We got the homie DJ Excel from LA coming through to rock and we decided to make the party a crawfish boil!  The party gets better every month and I look forward to seeing your smiling face next month…


Sunday 9.8.2013

All Good Sundays

w/ DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above

Special Guest: DJ Excel

East Burn – 1800 East Burnside

3p-9p / 21+ / No Cover




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