Wolfgang Gartner speaks on the perils of the new social media hustle.  (strongly recommended reading) via Medium / Cuepoint.


wolfgang web


8 reasons why R&B has died in the black community.  via Atlanta Black Star


DJ AM documentary will have it’s world premier next month at the Tribeca Film Festival. (fuckin’ psyched for this) via Rolling Stone


am doc


Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” foundation earns $2.6 million and pays out just 1 single $5k grant. And people ask my why I don’t donate to charities and causes… via Daily Mail UK


Kate Plus 8 “star” Jon Gosselin performs gig in New Jersey and 1 lady shows up.  I guess if you really wanna have a DJ career, that’s the kind of gig you should start out with, buddy.  via E!