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25% Off DJ Zimmie Shirts // Motown Throwdown Mix //  DJ Impulse Interview // Holiday Jams //  DJ News


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In This Edition:


25% Off DJ Zimmie Shirts // Motown Throwdown Mix //  DJ Impulse Interview // Holiday Jams //  DJ News


DJ Zimmie Shirts 25% Off for Cyber Week


Ladies, get yourself a crispy DJ Zimmie shirt or tell your man to stuff your stocking with one this holiday!  Visit the store at White Folks Get Crunk and enter the promo code CYBERWHATEV to get 25%!



Upcoming Gigs


Saturday December 28

Moomba Theater

Montreal, Canada



2013 Motown Throwdown Recap & Live Mix


Last month I put out a live recording of my set from the 2013 Motown Throwdown in Morgantown, WV.  It’s a fresh mix of hip-hop, rock, trap, twerk, dnb and best of all, it’s clean (no swear words) for the kiddies.  Download the mix and check out all the photos of the event in my recap.


Download Mix  //  Photos & Recap



DJ Impulse on the Extra Credit Podcast


Have you ever wondered what Coffee Talk would be like with a bunch of DJs?  Well, Episode 7 of the Extra Credit Podcast turned into that.  DJ Impulse (and DJ Excel) drank all my coffee and ate all my donuts in my kitchen while we talked about Impulse coming up in Baltimore.  This episode covers Baltimore club music, horrible DJ names, touring with rappers when you’re a white dude and even gives you some great tips on making a good cup of coffee.  Enjoy, subscribe in iTunes and give us a good rating.


Listen HERE.  Learn how to subscribe HERE.



Holiday Jams


Here’s a couple free jams to get the holiday party started…maybe.  Click to download.


DJ Zimmie – Ho Ho Ho



DMX – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (DJ Zimmie Edit)



DJ News


Every week I come across articles and stories about DJing, DJing technology or just cool music-related ideas.  Since I don’t have much faith in the actual sharing effectiveness of most forms of social media, I decided to start a segment on my site called “DJ News”.  As I accumulate them, I’ll be posting happenings from around the internet related to DJing and music.  Grab a coffee and stay up to date!  Edition 1 HERE.


They’re finally here!  Get yourself a fresh DJ Zimmie shirt.  Available in 2 styles and 3 colors and printed on super soft American Apparel with vintage feel printing, you’re going to love them.
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White Folks Get Crunk



Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more crunk, Me, Kosherkuts and Real Juicy hit you with this mix. Full of the type of goodies you’d hear on, this mix has everything you need to cruise around in your barely legal Regal, rob a 7-11 or just drink some Hennessey at home with your boo.  Look for some CD release dates real soon…  Shouts to Kelly for the design.

The Official White Folks Get Crunk Mixtape

White Folks Get Crunk – The Official Mixtape by DJ Zimmie


I’ve been hella busy and traveling quite a bit so I apologize if I haven’t kept up with the blog posts 100%.  I just got back from playing at Bank in Barrie (Toronto), Ontario and 2 weeks ago I was at Dusk Atlantic City.  Look out for those recap posts shortly as well as a new mix for a sneaker & hat blog.  In the mean time, this blast is chock full of pics, info, 2 mixtapes and a remix

Free Mixtape Downloads!

First up, I just dropped a mixtape for the blog White Folks Get Crunk.  Chock full of crunk gems, myself, KosherKuts (Cleveland) and blog creator DJ Real Juicy (Illinois) put this together for your 40 drinking enjoyment.

White Folks Get Crunk – The Official Mixtape

White Folks Get Crunk – The Official Mixtape by DJ Zimmie

Speaking of mixtapes…  If you didn’t cop the 3rd installment of my Summer BBQ mix series, now’s your chance.  Shouts to Lindsay (Miss July 2011) for the modeling.  See more here.

DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill Volume 3 – “Grillmatic”

DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Volume 3 – Grillmatic by DJ Zimmie

June Tour Recap

If you didn’t catch the recap from my June tour, check out all the photos and info here.

4th of July Recap

I got to DJ for Pittsburgh’s celebration of the 4th of July this year.  Between Red Bull and thousands of people, it was nuts.  Check the recap here.

More Free Music!

Here’s a DJ tool that you might find useful or just bump it in your iPod…

DJ Zimmie – Player Hater Transition
(Zhane “Hey Mr. DJ” to DJ Godfather “Player Haters (Joe Maz Remix)”)  105-127

DJ Zimmie – Player Hater Transition by DJ Zimmie

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