The New River Gorge in West Virginia is home to the world’s second longest single arch bridge.  On the 3rd Saturday of October every year, West Virginia throws a crazy party to let extreme sports enthusiasts of all kind jump off this massive bridge.  This year’s party clocked over 80,000 attendees and I got to rock it out of the back of the Red Bull MXT event truck.  People were bungee jumping, base jumping and Red Bull’s Air Force was on hand to show everyone how it’s done.  Rock!



For the past 5 years every Halloween weekend, Pathfinder of West Virginia has been shutting down the main drag at WVU, trucking in tons of snow, booking awesome talent and throwing the best party of the year.  Major props to the man with the master plan, Andrew Walker,  the whole staff at Pathfinder, the terrain park at 7 Springs and Red Bull for making the magic happen.  Thanks to Acrylick for the fly gear.

This year I got to rock with the legendary Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest.  It was pretty surreal to be standing on stage watching him perform “Scenario”.  His DJ, Rasta Root, was also great to meet and it was cool to watch him work.  Be sure to check out the photos and video below of the event…

Click the link or picture below to watch the video recap of the gig.  Shout out to my man Kris Mortensen for shooting and editing the footage.

DJ Zimmie – 2011 Motown Throwdown Recap Video

“It should be like this high, bro…”

The team from Pathfinder and 7 Springs are amazing.  They trucked in 20,000 lbs. of snow, constructed all the ramps and then broke everything back down all in the same day.

Phife Dawg & Rasta Root rocking the crowd.

Rasta Root, Phife Dawg & me…