Happy New Year to everyone!  I don’t know what you have planned for this year but I hope you make it all happen.  I’ve got tons planned and it’s already starting to come to fruition.  I’ll be sending out the first in a new mix series called “Footnotes” with my next email blast so look for that.  It’s a Hip-Hop mix series with an educational aspect and it’s super fun.  Trust me, you’re going to love it.  Speaking of good stuff to listen to…


Extra Credit Podcast with DJ Zimmie


I recently launched my podcast, Extra Credit, and it’s available for free through the iTunes store.  I’ll be interviewing veteran DJs mostly with the occasional respected performer or producer.  On the podcast I get the DJ’s story of how they got started, some advice for younger DJs and see where it goes.  I’ve got some big names lined up for future interviews so make sure to subscribe and you’ll get the new episodes right to your phone or iTunes.  Episode 1 features Seattle veteran Supreme La Rock.


Listen here:




80s & 90s Prom!


Every Friday I hold it down at an all 80s & 90s dance club called JONES.  Our monthly special events are fantastic and this month we’re celebrating the famous dance from Back To The Future with a prom.


Friday 1.25.2013

Enchantment Under The Sea Dance

Jones  – 107 NW Couch – Portland OR



Mud On The Mountain


I just confirmed 2 more dates this year for Mud On The Mountain at 7 Springs resort outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  If you’re looking for something crazy and fun to do, sign up for this muddy obstacle course!  This year’s first one is on May 11th.  Sign up on the site below and check out pictures from the last 2 on my photo page.





Modern Event Solutions


Don’t forget!  If you’re getting married, having a private get together or organizing a big corporate party, Modern Event Solutions can make it amazing.



 One of my favorite parts of a DJ gig is the post-gig meetup / sh*t talk session that happens at 3 am with other DJs.  I love hearing about how the gig went, what was bad, what was good and if I haven’t seen the person in a while, what’s been up with them.  A lot of times DJs tell stories to each other that give the inside scoop about how “the best party ever” actually sucked or how they had an amazing night and things of that nature.  I wanted to capture some of these stories but also introduce some veteran DJs as well as producers & entertainers to DJs that might not be familiar.  Hopefully through their stories you’ll find some new DJs you love listening to and if you’re an up-and-coming DJ, you may learn a thing or two!


Episode 1 features Seattle veteran DJ Supreme La Rock.


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