8 Things DJs & Producers Should Know About The New SoundCloud Ad Program


Yo I got a great idea!  Just make that shit free.  Or take some of the millions you’re making and actually give it to the labels so they shut up.  Instead, I’m sure you’ll make SoundCloud suck because you’re greedy.  Either way, Risk One breaks it down:


Beastie Boy Mike D talks about how Tupac’s determination to be “authentic” killed him.


I’ve read a bunch of interviews and listened to a bunch of podcasts where people talk about Tupac and his real persona.  It makes me sad that the pursuit of an image can be so damaging to a person.


mike d


Diplo booed off the decks at Burning Man




Last week my SoundCloud page where I host all my mixtapes, edits and remixes reached 100k downloads!  I hadn’t ever really checked my totals and last month I saw it creeping towards 100,000 and kinda freaked out.  I’m just amazed that I have that much material floating around out there.  I felt really inspired by it so I recorded a short thank you video.  I sincerely thank everyone for supporting what I love to do, you’re really the reason I continue to do it.  Keep listening!