In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Website  //  Adam 12 Interview  //  Rock-It Scientists Interview  // Kendrick Lamar Remix


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In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Website  //  Adam 12 Interview  //  Rock-It Scientists Interview  // Kendrick Lamar Remix


New #DJMovie Website


If you haven’t heard, I’m working on a documentary about DJing.  Last month I launched a mini website for it with the help of R1 Creative.  Take a second, check it out, watch the promo video with DJ Jazzy Jeff, donate and tell a friend.  #DJMovie





DJ Adam 12 on my Extra Credit Podcast


The first official DJ for a President of the United States, DJ Adam 12 has had an interesting and envy-inducing career.  He’s been the DJ for icons like Prince and Dr. Dre as well as the resident selector at some of the best parties in the history of LA (if not the world).  Above all that, he’s one of the nicest DJs I’ve ever met.  I got a chance to meet up with him at his studio where he’s working on a new solo non-DJ album.  (On top of his amazing DJ career he’s also one half of She Wants Revenge).  Make some popcorn and enjoy this one.


Also, if you need some DJ gear, sound, lights, whatever, visit our podcast sponsor, AGI Pro DJ, and use the code EXTRACREDIT when you check out.  You’ll save some loot while supporting a DJ-based company!


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DJ Zimmie on the Rock-It Scientists “Shut Up and Talk” podcast


Last month I was doing a few dates in Cali & Vegas and on my way back got invited to be on the “Shut Up and Talk” podcast to talk about the #DJMOVIE and other fun DJ stuff.  Give it a listen, tell a friend and subscribe.


DJ Zimmie on the Shut Up and Talk Podcast



Free Remix!


You need more Kendrick Lamar in your life…


DJ Zimmie – Kendrick



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If you’re like me, you’re addicted to podcasts.  Aside from a full diet of new and classic music to check out, I fill my plate with interesting people interviewing other interesting people.  I like them so much I even made my own (Extra Credit).   Another great podcast on the DJ information tip is hosted by the DJ/production duo Rock-It Scientists.  Not only are they constantly filling your DJ crates with custom bangtastic tracks, but they’re also talking to DJs about any and everything DJ-related.


On my tour last month I was invited over to talk about DJing and promote the #DJMovie project that I’m working on.  (If you haven’t donated or checked out “Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ”, you can do so at  We had a great talk about the ups and downs of DJing, the documentary and how we can un-fuck DJing. (Hopefully?)


Check out the podcast, subscribe, give them a good rating, send it to a club owner and get behind the DJ documentary movement.  (Even if you’re not a DJ!)


DJ Zimmie on the Shut Up And Talk podcast