Pioneer of Rap Craves 9-to-5 Stability


Lamar Hill aka L.A. Sunshine from the pioneering rap group The Treacherous Three talks about promises of success, homelessness and drug abuse throughout a troubled career.  There’s so many stories about pioneers as well as huge icons in hip-hop ending up with next to nothing.  via New York Times.



Grandmaster Jay Fails To Redeem Himself


If you’ve been following the absurdity that is Beamz and their clown of a spokesperson, Grandmaster Jay, you’ve had a good  laugh up to this point.  If not, make some popcorn and fire up that Google.  In a recent attempt to prove that he’s really a great DJ (not good, great) he definitely shot off the other foot.  Apparently Beamz thought they could fool actual DJs in to believing this guy wasn’t a fugazi.  via Do Androids Dance



27 Record Stores To Visit Before You Die


If you’re the kind of record digger that keeps a bucket list, here’s a few from around the globe you might not have on your list yet.  (Couldn’t they pick a better photo for Portland than the hipster girl?)  via Buzzfeed



The New York Public Library is putting it’s vinyl archive up for sale to raise money for an expansion project.  Read the full article below and then go dig for some gems!