In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter // 5 Interviews // Cali Tour // Live on KBOO Mix  //  Dre Day


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In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter // 5 Interviews // Cali Tour // Live on KBOO Mix  //  Dre Day


DJ Documentary


If you haven’t seen any of my posts on social media recently, I’m starting work on a documentary about DJing.  It’s very exciting because some very big names in DJing have already reached out to me in support of the film.  Right now I’m in the phase of raising money to start filming.  Rather than me retyping a bunch of info and boring you to death, check out the Kickstarter page.  There’s tons of info about what I’m doing as well as a fantastic video featuring a cosign from DJ Jazzy Jeff.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me through this site or through the Kickstarter page.  If you like the project, please donate, share it, tell a friend, etc.  #DJMovie


Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ







I’ve been doing a ton of interviews about the #DJMovie project.  They all talk about the documentary but each interview branches out differently into DJing so check them out.


Wheat City Mag



Do Androids Dance



Live on 90.7 FM KBOO Portland Radio (interview & mix)



A Kind Voice on Movies



Kiss FM Australia

This Wednesday 2/5 at 1 am (8 pm AUS time) on the Bionic Boogie show with DJ Eddie Mac

Listen at www.kissfm.com.au


Upcoming Gigs


February 2014 Mini Tour


Monday 2.3.2014

Motown On Mondays – San Francisco

The Legionnaire Saloon

2272 Telegraph Ave – Oakland, CA





Wednesday 2.5.2013

Insert Coins w/ DJ 88

512 Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV



Thursday 2.6.2014

Insert Coins

512 Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV



Saturday 2.8.2014

Private Event

Palm Springs, CA


Monday 2.10.2014

More Fire Mondays

Sevilla Nightclub – Riverside, CA


Tuesday 2.18.2014

DRE DAY 2014

DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above

Dre classics, remixes of Dre songs and more.

Holocene – Portland, OR





Every week I come across articles and stories about DJing, DJing technology or just cool music-related ideas.  Since I don’t have much faith in the actual sharing effectiveness of most forms of social media, I decided to start a segment on my site called “DJ News”.  As I accumulate them, I’ll be posting happenings from around the internet related to DJing and music.  Grab a coffee and stay up to date!


Jerry’s Records (Pittsburgh, PA) to open bargain basement.


If you’re a record nerd, you undoubtedly know about Jerry’s.  If you want a quick tour, watch THIS video of me walking around the store.  Jerry recently decided to open up the bargain basement for even more savings on one of the most amazing record, tape and CD collections on Earth.  Read HERE.



DJ Platurn chimes in on 10 records every DJ or party host should own.


Mayor of the San Francisco music scene DJ Platurn chimes in on 10 records you need in your crates.  It’s no secret that some James Brown, Run-DMC, Gang Starr and Michael Jackson are good ingredients to set that party off.  If you’re already stocked up, you’re OK in my book.  Read HERE.



The Nerdy DJ.


Recently my North Cackalack homie DJ Forge started a site called The Nerdy DJ.  It’s a great site written by DJs with tips, tricks, product reviews and more to help you not suck and save a few bucks.  Check it out and add it to your bookmarks list.