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Mad rispex to everyone that came out last month to All Good Sundays at East Burn.  The music was just right and the vibe was chilly chill.  We’re keeping it moving this Sunday with another installment!


Sunday 8.4.2013
All Good
w/ DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above
Special Guest: DJ Nature
East Burn – 1800 East Burnside
3p-9p / 21+ / No Cover



Extra Credit Podcast


You probably want to learn more about DJing, DJs and where to eat.  Luckily for you, my Extra Credit Podcast can help you out.  The July edition features my brother from another mother, DJ Nugget.  Give it a listen and subscribe in iTunes!  Original post HERE.


Listen HERE.  Learn how to subscribe HERE.



MES Promo Video


My friend and video wizard Kris Mortensen just put together a promo video for my events company, Modern Event SolutionsCheck it out and visit the MES site!


Free Music!


If you haven’t grabbed Volume 5 of my “You Gots To Grill” series, well, you’re messing up.  “Steaks Is High” will get your BBQ going in the right direction.  Get it HERE! (and volumes 1-4)



Check out this fresh 2013 promotional video that Kris Mortensen cut together for Modern Event Solutions!



5 years strong, “You Gots To Grill” is the best BBQ mix series there is. Whether you’re grilling up some tasty meats in the backyard, shining the 100 spoke Daytons on your rag top tre or just eating ribs until you pass out, this is your soundtrack. Don’t forget to grab volumes 1-4…


DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Vol. 5 – “Steaks Is High”


DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Volume 5 – Steaks Is High by DJ Zimmie


Backup Download Link:



Sorry it took me a second to get this up, I’ve been hella busy and didn’t find the pics until right meow. 

New Year’s Eve was out of control!

Crown Room opened the doors at 9 and were packed to the brim by 10.  There was a line around the entire building of people that didn’t buy the presale tickets all night long.  The Love Loungers set the mood and when I went on at 11 people were dancing like maniacs.  It was a great vibe all night and probably the most fun I’ve had DJing for NYE yet.  Enough about all that, check the pics…


You’re probably looking for somewhere to celebrate New Year’s Eve that isn’t full of douchebags…  You probably want to hear some good music, eat some good food, get your drink on and not spend an arm and a leg doing it.  Lucky for you I have just the party…


DJ Zimmie & Love Loungers

Saturday December 31st – Crown Room – 205 NW 4th (Chinatown) – Portland

Sushi Buffet / Midnight Champagne Toast – 21+ $10 (That’s right, $10)

For discount tickets ($5!) email


On Saturday, October 22nd, I DJ’d the wedding of 2 awesome people, Lindsey and Ashwin, at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.  I was already excited because the music request list was nothing but house music and Motown, and the caterer told me the menu included traditional Indian food.  (Not a bad gig if you ask me…)  Luckily the weather held out and we had a beautiful ceremony.  After dinner, photos and a few quick speeches, it was non-stop dancing until it was time to leave.  I had a blast and I have a feeling everyone else did too.  Thanks to Caitlin Thomas for the awesome photos.


I recently got to put another stamp in the passport for a gig (even though technically they don’t stamp for Canada anymore, which made me sad).  The homies Hennie V and Jug-E brought me up to Bank in Barrie.  Barrie is a small suburb of Toronto but they get it crackin’ for sure.  You only have to be 19 to get into clubs in Canada but luckily I did not get arrested.  Bank, which used to be an actual bank, was super dope and even had a rooftop deck, SkyBank.

Crackin’ early!

4:1 girl to guy ratio all night…

This is how it starts…

This is how it ends…  Hi-Top box fade for the win!

19 year olds these days…

It’s Canadian law that you have to eat poutine after a gig.

Good thing the hotel vending machine was stocked.  I was thinking about getting a Hi-Top box fade for my next trip but wasn’t sure if I’d be prepared…


4th of July this year was awesome.  Red Bull hired me to DJ out of their giant monster truck, the MXT.  The MXT transforms into a party with a full DJ setup, speakers, flat screen TVs, and an Xbox / Playstation setup in the tailgate.  When this bad boy is open, you can’t miss it.  I was downtown at the point for Pittsburgh’s Regatta all day and night on the 3rd and 4th.  There were events all day and night including Miles from the Red Bull Air Force dropping into the city occasionally from a helicopter in his Skyak.  In addition to the day gigs, I got to warm up the crowd for the fireworks and broadcast the choreographed music for the fireworks display.  There had to be 5,000 people at the point for the finale!  Check out the video at the bottom.  Thanks Red Bull!


I hit the road in June for a week-long tour and covered both coasts.  Thanks to everyone that put me on.  I’m including a grip of photos but be sure to check the full album HERE.  There was almost as much eating as DJing so excuse the food photos.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to get down on some food.  Look out for my FOOD BLOG launching soon…

June 23 – Still Life – Raleigh, NC w/ DJ Forge
June 24 – Suite – Charlotte, NC w/ DJ Supa Skip
June 25 – Massive – Crown Room – Portland, OR w/ Doc Adam
June 25 – Afternoon Delight – Weiland’s Brewery – LA, CA
June 26 – More Fire Mondays – Riverside, CA w/ Roial1
June 30 – DTF Thursdays – Florentine’s – Fullerton, CA w/ Roial1

How much for 1 rib?
Still Life was crackin’ EARLY

Line down the street at 10:30

DJ Forge, Me & Rapper Big Pooh
Price’s Chicken Coop – a Charlotte must!

Cool hotel room.  Wish I would have slept in it for more than 2 hours…

Supa Skip warming it up...
DJ Supa Skip warming it up…
Best gyro in the world…
Line down the street.  You seeing a pattern here?
Off to LA
Power lunch with the DJ City homies…
Quick run to Vegas.  Had to cop some fresh gear at KNYEW.
Me & Guilty Simpson.  Thanks big daddy Dasco!
How’d that sticker get there?


It’s that time of year again… Grab a 40, throw some ribs on the grill and leave your 9 at home because Summer is here. Every BBQ needs a soundtrack so here it is. “You Gots To Grill – Volume 3 – Grillmatic” is the 3rd installment in my annual Summer BBQ mix series. It’s a fresh mix of some feel good, semi-gangster Summer chunes for you to enjoy. Wipe your mouth…

DJ Zimmie – “You Gots To Grill – Volume 3 – Grillmatic”

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