Next time you’re in Vegas, you NEED to go to Insert Coins.  They’ve got arcade games, consol games on giant plasma TVs, a full service bar, bottle service and a dance floor complete with music from some of Las Vegas’ dopest DJs.  It’s a refreshing break from the strictness of the strip.


Every Wednesday DJ 88 throws a party called Versus where she brings in talent she’s  featured in her “Hang The DJ” interview series.  I got a chance to rock it a few weeks ago and I can say without a doubt it was one of the funnest parties I’ve played in a long time.  The motto of the party is “No Genres, Just Dope Music” and it’s exactly that.  The lineup was myself, Fashen and DJ 88 and listening to their sets was just as enjoyable as DJing.  Halfway through the night a crew of Cirque Du Soliel dancers showed up and set the dance floor on fire and a whole crew of Vegas DJs showed up to chill.


Check out the pics below and DOWNLOAD MY SET from the party!


DJ Zimmie – Live from Insert Coins 2.8.2012





Fashen and I discussing fluctuations in European markets…



DJ Five taking it back to his roots…



Twerk Du Soleil



Me, DJ 88, Fashen




This mix is a collaboration between me and www.KixNLidz.blogspot.com.These are some of my favorite tracks that make you nod your head and they needed to all be put into one mix.  Turn it up, stretch out that neck and take some Aleve if you need to…

DJ Zimmie – Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz)

DJ Zimmie – Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz) by DJ Zimmie