Every year I go to NAMM with the good peoples from AGI Pro DJ.  NAMM is where any company who makes anything related to music performance can show their new toys for the upcoming year.  You can see everything from turntables to guitar picks to Corey Feldman walking around dressed up like Michael Jackson.  (it’s in the photo album, trust me)


This year I shot my usual videos for AGI Pro DJ talking to DJs and various other figures about what gear they were checking out.  I also shook some hands and made some connections for the DJ Documentary.  Check out this quick interview with DJ Kevin Scott from Direct Music Service.



There’s more interviews on AGI Pro DJ’s YouTube page along with some great product demos.  If you’re a DJ and you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking out NAMM at least once.  Click the pic below to check out more photos in the gallery!



This week I’m heading to Anaheim for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention with the team from AGI Pro DJ.  If you haven’t been, NAMM is where they premier all the new toys coming out this year from all the companies that make anything related to music performance and recording.  There will be demos of everything from speakers and lasers to guitar pics and banjos.  I’ll get to see all the new DJ gear and see demonstrations from artists sponsored by those companies.  I’ll also be shooting some interviews and getting some “man on the street” insights for the DJ Documentary.  To keep up with the action, make sure to follow the documentary on Twitter and Instagram.  If you’re attending as well, drop me a line and let’s link!


NAMM 2014 Zimmie AGI