Chris Rock once said,  “I love rap music but it’s getting harder to defend it as art”.  I myself also love rap music and I agree that it’s constantly getting harder to defend it as art (or rather trying to defend the pieces that are art as such).  Lately, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills when people talk to me about hip-hop producers that they think are making good beats / music.  (Mike Will, Mustard, etc.)  The possibility exists that the people big-upping these producers aren’t familiar with the catalogs of Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Kanye West, DJ Quik, The Bomb Squad, Diamond D, The Beatnuts, Pete Rock and pretty much anyone from the Native Tongues.  (Trust me boo boo, I could make this list a lot longer but I have shit to do and I’m sure I just started an argument right there.)
Regardless of your level of hip-hop production knowledge, I invite you to go behind the scenes on Kid Ink’s “Show Me” as DJ Mustard explains how he masterfully crafted it’s complexities.  For those unfamiliar, DJ Mustard is one of the most in-demand rap producers working today and has “produced” a handful of Top 10 hits.  (flex that Google muscle) Watch the video, form your own conclusions.
I’ll sign off by saying that most rap I hear today sounds moronic from a content AND production standpoint.  (Notice how I didn’t use the term “hip-hop”.)  It’s really sad to me how far things have fallen.
(This video was shown to me by the homie Sat-One.  I remember his name because he’s actually the homie and you should remember your homie’s name.)