Recently my SoundCloud page received it’s second “strike”.  To avoid having my account cancelled and losing all my followers and stats, I opted to take down all my music.  This way, if I want to upload something in the future, I won’t have to start fresh.



In a perfectly timed serendipitous meeting at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Playlist Retreat“, I met Nico Perez, founder of MixCloud.  Nico explained all the great features of MixCloud to all the attendees and I was sold.  I’ve scheduled all of my mixes to post to my MixCloud page, one at a time, every week until they’re all there. (Hit “UP NEXT” for a menu of all available mixes.)


All Mixes by Dj Zimmie on Mixcloud


Head over to my page, have a listen and follow me to get a notification every time a new mix is uploaded.  Early next year I’m going to do an overhaul on my site and all my remixes and mixtapes will also be hosted here.  In the mean time, signing up for my email blast is your best bet to get everything delivered right to you.  Thank you again for your support.