Forbes lists world’s highest paid DJs for 2014


If you’re like me, you’re thinking that this list should be called “Guys Who Get Paid The Most For Putting Arms Up In The Air”.  Just remember kids, you can be anything when you grow up, even a guy who makes 8 figures for pretending to DJ.




DJ has viral “Hotel California” remix removed by The Eagles, offers douchey response


I’m using the term “DJ” and “remix” very loosely here…  Considering a royalty check from any one in The Eagles is going to be larger than this hipster’s trust fund, he should be paying homage to these music gods.  High entitlement coupled with low work ethic is the millennial recipe for success.


Why hipsters need to stop writing about hip-hop culture


This article reminded me of the time Kanye was explaining how the way hipsters liked trap music was disingenuous to the point of being racist.