Insert Coins double tap

Wednesday 2.5.2014

Thursday 2.6.2014

512 Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV



In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter // 5 Interviews // Cali Tour // Live on KBOO Mix  //  Dre Day


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In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter // 5 Interviews // Cali Tour // Live on KBOO Mix  //  Dre Day


DJ Documentary


If you haven’t seen any of my posts on social media recently, I’m starting work on a documentary about DJing.  It’s very exciting because some very big names in DJing have already reached out to me in support of the film.  Right now I’m in the phase of raising money to start filming.  Rather than me retyping a bunch of info and boring you to death, check out the Kickstarter page.  There’s tons of info about what I’m doing as well as a fantastic video featuring a cosign from DJ Jazzy Jeff.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me through this site or through the Kickstarter page.  If you like the project, please donate, share it, tell a friend, etc.  #DJMovie


Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ







I’ve been doing a ton of interviews about the #DJMovie project.  They all talk about the documentary but each interview branches out differently into DJing so check them out.


Wheat City Mag



Do Androids Dance



Live on 90.7 FM KBOO Portland Radio (interview & mix)



A Kind Voice on Movies



Kiss FM Australia

This Wednesday 2/5 at 1 am (8 pm AUS time) on the Bionic Boogie show with DJ Eddie Mac

Listen at www.kissfm.com.au


Upcoming Gigs


February 2014 Mini Tour


Monday 2.3.2014

Motown On Mondays – San Francisco

The Legionnaire Saloon

2272 Telegraph Ave – Oakland, CA





Wednesday 2.5.2013

Insert Coins w/ DJ 88

512 Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV



Thursday 2.6.2014

Insert Coins

512 Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV



Saturday 2.8.2014

Private Event

Palm Springs, CA


Monday 2.10.2014

More Fire Mondays

Sevilla Nightclub – Riverside, CA


Tuesday 2.18.2014

DRE DAY 2014

DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above

Dre classics, remixes of Dre songs and more.

Holocene – Portland, OR





Last month I headed to Las Vegas to DJ some dates at Insert Coins.  Luckily I had some microphones in my bag and snagged an interview with my most hospitable host, DJ 88.  In Episode 8 (that was a total accident) of the Extra Credit Podcast, Las Vegas murder mami DJ 88 fills us in about coming up as DJ Adam 12‘s manager, Associate Producing the High School High soundtrack and carving out her place in the boy’s club that is DJing.  Do the knowledge, subscribe and give the podcast a good rating!


Also, if you need some DJ gear, sound, lights, whatever, visit our podcast sponsor, AGI Pro DJ, and use the code EXTRACREDIT when you check out.  You’ll save some loot while supporting a DJ-based company!


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This weekend I’ll be giving Las Vegas the 1, 2 punch…


Insert Coins

512 Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV



Friday 11.8.2013

Headlining set w/ Charlie Darker


Saturday 11.9.2013

Opening set w/ DJ 88




Next time you’re in Vegas, you NEED to go to Insert Coins.  They’ve got arcade games, consol games on giant plasma TVs, a full service bar, bottle service and a dance floor complete with music from some of Las Vegas’ dopest DJs.  It’s a refreshing break from the strictness of the strip.


Every Wednesday DJ 88 throws a party called Versus where she brings in talent she’s  featured in her “Hang The DJ” interview series.  I got a chance to rock it a few weeks ago and I can say without a doubt it was one of the funnest parties I’ve played in a long time.  The motto of the party is “No Genres, Just Dope Music” and it’s exactly that.  The lineup was myself, Fashen and DJ 88 and listening to their sets was just as enjoyable as DJing.  Halfway through the night a crew of Cirque Du Soliel dancers showed up and set the dance floor on fire and a whole crew of Vegas DJs showed up to chill.


Check out the pics below and DOWNLOAD MY SET from the party!


DJ Zimmie – Live from Insert Coins 2.8.2012





Fashen and I discussing fluctuations in European markets…



DJ Five taking it back to his roots…



Twerk Du Soleil



Me, DJ 88, Fashen




Years ago I was in Vegas for a fashion trade show and the highlight of the week was supposed to be a DJ AM / DJ Jazzy Jeff performance at Rain Nightclub.  Unfortunately AM died that week the the gig ended up being a tribute show by DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier.  I remember walking into the club and seeing this gorgeous woman on the decks warming up the party.  It was the first time I had heard anyone play “Clear” by Cybotron at a night club.  I was sold.  The rest of her set was super dope and I became a big fan.

DJ 88

Fast-forward a few years, a little social networking, some mutual friends and here we are.   Last week DJ 88 h it me up about being part of her regular DJ interview series, Hang The DJ She’s got some heavy hitters on there and it was an honor to be considered.  Check me out, read some other great interviews and do your self a favor, next time you’re in Vegas, look her up!

Hang The DJ – DJ Zimmie Edition


I hit the road in June for a week-long tour and covered both coasts.  Thanks to everyone that put me on.  I’m including a grip of photos but be sure to check the full album HERE.  There was almost as much eating as DJing so excuse the food photos.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to get down on some food.  Look out for my FOOD BLOG launching soon…

June 23 – Still Life – Raleigh, NC w/ DJ Forge
June 24 – Suite – Charlotte, NC w/ DJ Supa Skip
June 25 – Massive – Crown Room – Portland, OR w/ Doc Adam
June 25 – Afternoon Delight – Weiland’s Brewery – LA, CA
June 26 – More Fire Mondays – Riverside, CA w/ Roial1
June 30 – DTF Thursdays – Florentine’s – Fullerton, CA w/ Roial1

How much for 1 rib?
Still Life was crackin’ EARLY

Line down the street at 10:30

DJ Forge, Me & Rapper Big Pooh
Price’s Chicken Coop – a Charlotte must!

Cool hotel room.  Wish I would have slept in it for more than 2 hours…

Supa Skip warming it up...
DJ Supa Skip warming it up…
Best gyro in the world…
Line down the street.  You seeing a pattern here?
Off to LA
Power lunch with the DJ City homies…
Quick run to Vegas.  Had to cop some fresh gear at KNYEW.
Me & Guilty Simpson.  Thanks big daddy Dasco!
How’d that sticker get there?


I’ve been hella busy and traveling quite a bit so I apologize if I haven’t kept up with the blog posts 100%.  I just got back from playing at Bank in Barrie (Toronto), Ontario and 2 weeks ago I was at Dusk Atlantic City.  Look out for those recap posts shortly as well as a new mix for a sneaker & hat blog.  In the mean time, this blast is chock full of pics, info, 2 mixtapes and a remix

Free Mixtape Downloads!

First up, I just dropped a mixtape for the blog White Folks Get Crunk.  Chock full of crunk gems, myself, KosherKuts (Cleveland) and blog creator DJ Real Juicy (Illinois) put this together for your 40 drinking enjoyment.

White Folks Get Crunk – The Official Mixtape

White Folks Get Crunk – The Official Mixtape by DJ Zimmie

Speaking of mixtapes…  If you didn’t cop the 3rd installment of my Summer BBQ mix series, now’s your chance.  Shouts to Lindsay (Miss July 2011) for the modeling.  See more here.

DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill Volume 3 – “Grillmatic”

DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Volume 3 – Grillmatic by DJ Zimmie

June Tour Recap

If you didn’t catch the recap from my June tour, check out all the photos and info here.

4th of July Recap

I got to DJ for Pittsburgh’s celebration of the 4th of July this year.  Between Red Bull and thousands of people, it was nuts.  Check the recap here.

More Free Music!

Here’s a DJ tool that you might find useful or just bump it in your iPod…

DJ Zimmie – Player Hater Transition
(Zhane “Hey Mr. DJ” to DJ Godfather “Player Haters (Joe Maz Remix)”)  105-127

DJ Zimmie – Player Hater Transition by DJ Zimmie

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Summer has been a non-stop party so far and this week I’m taking it on the road.  Thursday I head out from coast to coast on a week-long tour so if you’re in the area, come out and get your party on.  I’ll be hitting Raleigh, Charlotte, Portland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  Details below…


Tuesday, June 21
National Go Skate Day Event 4-7
Sponsored by Vitamin Water
Stage AE Parking Lot – North Shore – Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, June 22
Electric Essentials (house music) w/ guest DJ Super Scott
S Bar – 1713 E. Carson St. – Pittsburgh, PA

Thursday, June 23
w/ DJ Forge
400 W. North St. – Raleigh, NC

Friday, June 24
w/ DJ Supa Skip
210 East Trade Street – Charlotte, NC

Saturday, June 25
w/ Doc Adam
Crown Room – 205 NW 4th – Portland, OR
Facebook Event

Sunday, June 26
Afternoon Delight
w/ ROIAL1 (4-10)
Weiland’s Brewery – 400 E. 1st St. – Los Angeles, CA

Monday, June 27
More Fire Mondays
w/ ROIAL1, Erok, Rex, Red Beef & Gabe Real
Sevilla – 3252 Mission Inn Drive – Riverside, CA

Tuesday, June 28
Las Vegas – TBD

Wednesday, June 29
Las Vegas – TBD

Thursday, June 30
DTF Thursdays
Florentine’s – 102 North Harbour Blvd – Fullerton, CA


DJ Khaled – “I’m On One” (Zimmie’s Xtra Thick Edit)

Thanks to everyone that came out to S Bar on Memorial Day for the S Bar Mixtape Release Party.  If you didn’t make the party, download the mix below and check out the pictures here.

Sunday at S Bar we had our monthly installment of The Switch, bringing you the best DJs from around the country.  June’s guest, Doc Adam (Portland, OR) brought a unique blend of moombahton and tropical heat and made the party super fresh.