Whenever I make a mixtape, I usually end up with some new edits and remixes.  This little gem here ended up on my Wizard of AUS mix for my recent Australian tour with Pete Rock & DJ Premier.  Sister Nancy over some Kanye To The.  BOOYAKASHA!



DJ Zimmie – “Jamaican Power” – Download HERE.


DJ Zimmie Jamaican Power Art



I made these 2 tracks for my recent Red Bull THRE3STYLE competition.  Time to share my toys.



DJ Zimmie – Levels / Good Feeling (Etta Intro)






DJ Zimmie – Raise It Up in Paris


DJ Zimmie – Raise It Up in Paris by DJ Zimmie



Kanye wouldn’t send me the acapella and James Brown already died so I had to make due with what I had…

Kanye West & Jay-Z – “Gotta Have It (Zimmie Godfather 101-75 Transition)”

Kanye West & Jay-Z – Gotta Have It (Zimmie Godfather 101-75 Transition) by DJ Zimmie


This mix is a collaboration between me and are some of my favorite tracks that make you nod your head and they needed to all be put into one mix.  Turn it up, stretch out that neck and take some Aleve if you need to…

DJ Zimmie – Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz)

DJ Zimmie – Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz) by DJ Zimmie


It’s February, I got all types of event info and free music for you so let’s get to it…

I was asked by Jenesis Magazine recently to drop some knowledge about the Top 5 Mistakes I see DJs today making.  The interview went kinda viral and even spawned another video interview that week from Remix Report (watch here).  Click here for the full segment.

Upcoming Shows

Wednesday 2.8

Hang the DJ Party w/ Fashen & DJ 88

Insert Coins – Las Vegas, NV

Thursday 2.9

Draft w/ DJ Forge – Raleigh, NC

Saturday 2.11

Suite w/ DJ Marvel – Jacksonville, FL

Thursday 2.23

Couture – Portland, OR

Saturday 2.25

Happy Endings w/ Doc Adam

Crown Room –  Portland, OR

Free Music! (click pictures to download)

DJ Zimmie – Rainy Day

My newest mix, Rainy Day, is a soundtrack to take a walk in the rain, lounge around on a day off or just mellow out.  If you put this on and took a nap, it wouldn’t bother me.

DJ Zimmie – Rainy Day by DJ Zimmie

DJ Zimmie – Levels / Good Feeling (Etta James Intro)

DJ Zimmie – Levels / Good Feeling (Etta Intro) by DJ Zimmie

DJ Zimmie – Raise It Up in Paris

DJ Zimmie – Raise It Up in Paris by DJ Zimmie

New Valentine’s Day mix coming next week…

Miss January

Micaela is an aspiring pin-up model and has been a DJ Zimmie super supporter.  We got her pics right after the January email blast went out.  Click the pic for her full set.

Miss February will be in the Valentine’s Day email next week… <3

Event Recaps
(click the pics for the full recap)

Snap! 90s Party - 1.27.2012

Red Bull THRE3STYLE 2012 – 1.19.2012

“The Streets” Grand Opening – 1.17.2012