Sometimes when you’re halfway home, your pager is STILL blowin’ up.  Unfortunately, if you have BBQ sauce on your fingers, you don’t want to check it because you’ll ruin your freshly creased khakis.  Please, be safe this holiday season and don’t Q and drive.  Volume 6 of the You Gots To Grill mix series is giving you an overhand slap like you stole something.  Don’t forget to cop 1-5 HERE.

DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Volume 6 – “Grill At Will”



Backup MIXCRATE Link HERE.  (In case SoundCloud shits the bed.)



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In celebration of Dre Day 2014 I decided to wrap up a remix I’ve been messing with for a minute.  I started out chopping up parts of different Kendrick Lamar songs and putting them together and they all kinda fit together.


DJ Zimmie – “Kendrick

DJ Zimmie – Kendrick by DJ Zimmie


Sample-based Hip-Hop, to me, is the essence of Hip-Hop. Taking what’s available to you and adding a creative spark to make it your own is how break records in NYC parks turned into the most influential genre of music on Earth. Footnotes is an encyclopedic mix series of sample-based Hip-Hop by year. Mixes will be released chronologically, multiple editions per year when necessary, to educate listeners on the ingredients of Hip-Hop. Digging for samples is constantly expanding my musical horizons by introducing me to artists and tracks that become new favorites while giving me insight into what producers grew up listening to.


Note:  This first edition covers 1979-1981. I won’t cover every single song that used a sample.  If I did, I’d never finish.  I’ll be highlighting important songs, unique sample flips and influential artists or producers.  Some samples were used by multiple artists and I’ll be showcasing what I think was the best or most popular usage.


Stay in school!  Thank you to LRG for the support!



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