Sometimes when you’re halfway home, your pager is STILL blowin’ up.  Unfortunately, if you have BBQ sauce on your fingers, you don’t want to check it because you’ll ruin your freshly creased khakis.  Please, be safe this holiday season and don’t Q and drive.  Volume 6 of the You Gots To Grill mix series is giving you an overhand slap like you stole something.  Don’t forget to cop 1-5 HERE.

DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Volume 6 – “Grill At Will”



Backup MIXCRATE Link HERE.  (In case SoundCloud shits the bed.)



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In February I got the chance to play Motown on Mondays for the first time in Oakland (@MOM_OAK) with DJ Platurn.  The MOM parties are amazing.  The music format is anything Motown and Motown “relatives” (remixes, productions, Motown-influenced, etc.) and the people that come out just want to party.  The MOM parties are currently in almost a dozen cities with massive support through a network of DJs and remixers contributing talent, remixes, video and more.


Check out this article about the recent San Jose chapter.



If everything mentioned above wasn’t enough, MOM puts out remix albums from it’s resident and guest DJs.  One of my recent remixes “Pusha T & The MGs” is featured on the newest remix album.  You can grab all 11 remixes in this edition FOR FREE below.  Enjoy the music and keep your eyes peeled Portland, I might just be working on a MOM party for you too.  ;)



I was a little too busy this past few months managing the response from my End of DJing article and working on a documentary about DJing to work on my Valentine’s Day mix series, Backrub.  I’m sure there’s someone out there who hasn’t heard all of these yet or wouldn’t mind refreshing their memory so I thought I’d post up the links for easy access.  Enjoy, use protection and keep it sexy…


Backrub Vol. 2  //  Backrub Vol. 3  //  Backrub Vol. 4



I don’t know who decided that the soundtrack for a pool party is aggro bro rave music, but they are confused.  This mix will put a smile on your face and drastically decrease the odds of UFC fighting at your pool.  I talked to your girlfriend, she likes all these songs.


Approved by Arnold Palmer


DJ Zimmie – Tan Lines




In this edition:


Night of the Roxbury party // Mud on the Mountain obstacle course race // East Burn benefit // OMSI After Dark // Mattress Factory Urban Garden Party // April Edit Pack // Extra Credit Podcast


Upcoming Events
(Full schedule to the right >>>)


Friday 5.3.2013 (tonight)
Night of the Roxbury party
80s & 90s club music power hour!
Jones – 107 NW Couch – Portland, OR



Mud on the Mountain
7 Springs Mountain Resort – 7 Springs, PA



Benefit for Learning Gardens Institute & Jeans Farm
East Burn – 1800 E. Burnside – Portland, OR


OMSI After Dark
3rd Annual Spirits Tasting!
OMSI – 1945 SE Water Ave – Portland, OR


Mattress Factory Urban Garden Party
Soul Factory: Motown at the Museum
Mattress Factory Museum – 500 Sampsonia Way – Pittsburgh, PA


Free Music!
(full audio catalog here)


Easter Egg Edit Pack

Tracks from:   Macklemore // Zedd // Chris Brown

Tracklist & Download Info:



Extra Credit Podcast


Episode 4 w/ DJ Excel
Listen HERE.  Learn how to subscribe HERE.



Hi.  It’s been like a month since we talked.  What have you been up to?  I’ve been super busy.  If you wanna come party with me, be sure to check the full schedule to the right—> and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as “DJZIMMIE”.  And now tonight’s top story…


Upcoming Events


East Coast vs. West Coast Hip-Hop Party
Friday 3.1.13 w/ DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above
JONES 80s & 90s Dance Club
107 NW Couch | Portland, OR | 21+
Adidas Superstar giveaway for best dressed guy & girl
Send JONES your email address on FB or Twitter to be entered for the free fat gold rope chain giveaway!



Moomba Supperclub
3.16.13 – Montreal, Canada



Red Bull Schlittentag
March 29th & 30th – Mt. Hood, OR


Free Sounds


If you haven’t checked out my Extra Credit podcast yet, now is the perfect time.  On a recent trip to Seattle for the Red Bull 3Style West Coast finals I interviewed the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Check out the podcast and to learn how to subscribe, click HERE.





I dropped 2 mixes in February.  If you didn’t cop them yet, click the artwork to download.



Sample-based Hip-Hop, to me, is the essence of Hip-Hop. Taking what’s available to you and adding a creative spark to make it your own is how break records in NYC parks turned into the most influential genre of music on Earth. Footnotes is an encyclopedic mix series of sample-based Hip-Hop by year. Mixes will be released chronologically, multiple editions per year when necessary, to educate listeners on the ingredients of Hip-Hop. Digging for samples is constantly expanding my musical horizons by introducing me to artists and tracks that become new favorites while giving me insight into what producers grew up listening to.


Note:  This first edition covers 1979-1981. I won’t cover every single song that used a sample.  If I did, I’d never finish.  I’ll be highlighting important songs, unique sample flips and influential artists or producers.  Some samples were used by multiple artists and I’ll be showcasing what I think was the best or most popular usage.


Stay in school!  Thank you to LRG for the support!



Backup download link:

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