This week Facebook put the smack down on my personal profile, saying I was “representing a brand”.  Guess what?  I actually AM DJ Zimmie.  I had heard rumors of friends having to change their profile names to their government names.  I got no such offer.  When I was mysteriously logged out on all my devices, I knew something was up.  I lost all my posts, photos, friends, messages, etc.  They give you the option to download an archive of your photos but it’s not really in any particular order and I had all of them anyways.  They also converted all my friends to “fans”, not even of my existing fan page, of a new fan page with no content.


Facebook Disabled web


So what now?


My website will never go anywhere.  I keep backups of it and, well, it’s mine.  I’ve had friends get their Facebook pages shut down, their SoundCloud accounts terminated and their Instagram profiles flagged.  There’s not much you can do.  Options:


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LIKE my Facebook fan page.  If you’re unaware of how fan pages work, Facebook wants page owners to pay to get their posts seen.  (When you’re a publicly traded company and nobody buys ads, you have to make money somehow).  To increase my visibility in your feed, click the LIKE button, wait a second then click it again to show a menu to “Add to Interest Lists”.  You can also click “Get Notifications” and you will get notified whenever I post.

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I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.  Every year it gets harder and harder to be seen in the fog of the internet and social media.  There’s a key message at 1:33…