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I know right now you’re saying “DJ Zimmie, we love your articles about DJing but this doesn’t sound like it’s about DJing…”  Au contraire, mon frère!  Any successful DJ career is chock-full of email work.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to spend more time each week doing email work than actually DJing (laughs and cries at same time).  Any DJ making moves will tell you that they might easily receive 50-100 emails a day.  But regardless of how many emails you do or don’t receive a day, knowing what do with those emails and how to create new ones is key to your business, whatever that business may be.  Also, if your emails aren’t business-related, handling personal emails properly is really just the right thing to do and will make everyone pull their hair out less.


“But DJ Zimmie, WHY are you writing an article about email?”  Great question.  Despite email being one of the most common forms of personal and business communication for the last two decades, many people have absolutely no idea how to use it properly.  In this article I’ll discuss some common misconceptions about email as well as tips to use it properly and things to avoid.  Even if you’re not a DJ, using email properly can help grow your business or at least let people know you have the most basic levels of common human courtesy.
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Step One: Checking Your Email


Rule numero uno:  Check your email once a day.  Stop.  Read that again.  Check your email once a day. (at least) Do you have a phone?  Do you ever go a day without checking it?  JUST PRETEND THAT IT’S THE SAME THING!  Email is a form of communication.  If you checked your email as obsessively as you checked Facebook, I wouldn’t be writing this.  Even on Sundays, when I do zero work, I still skim email subject lines just in case there’s some kind of emergency.  There rarely is one and I usually don’t open any emails.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t see them and they won’t get answered first thing Monday.  (I don’t roll on Shabbas.)


Now that you’ve opened your Inbox, actually read each email.


Remember when you got your first email?  Holy shit.  You couldn’t believe the technology existed for your aunt to tell you about her cat from 3 states away AND enclose a photo of said cat.  You read each email like it was a love letter from a girl in 8th grade.  As you got more emails, you read them less and less until eventually you just skimmed them and barely responded.  If you did respond, it was one sentence and minimal effort.  (We’ll get to replying in just a minute.)


Why read each email?  Because someone took the time to write it and had a reason to do so.  Don’t read it like it’s the credits in a Marvel movie and you’re looking for funny names, actually read it.  Now comes the work…


(This is how I picture you acting when you see emails…)



Step Two: Replying To Emails


This is THE key part of this article.  You have to reply to emails.  I know, it’s hard to believe that other people are trying to get things done (Portland, I’m staring right at you), but, some of those people are waiting for your reply to advance their projects (and probably their lives).  It’s like someone said “Knock Knock”, you made eye contact and then just walked away.  They’re on hold until you come back and say “Who’s there?!”