Over a delicious cup of coffee, Cutso and I recently agreed that we should do something to help celebrate #DreDay2015 and show our appreciation for one of the greatest musical minds of our time, Dr. Dre.  Cutso and I are both nerds and I’ve been messing with 8Bit remixes recently so we decided to flip the seminal classic “Nuthin’ But A G Thang“.  Our version has just enough nerd synth to make you nostalgic for your Nintendo but we also gave it enough drums so you can play it in your sets, at Zumba class, whatever.



Shout out to my man DJ 3PM for the video sync.



Look out for more remixes from us very soon…


G Thang 8Bit Art 2


In celebration of Dre Day 2014 I decided to wrap up a remix I’ve been messing with for a minute.  I started out chopping up parts of different Kendrick Lamar songs and putting them together and they all kinda fit together.


DJ Zimmie – “Kendrick

DJ Zimmie – Kendrick by DJ Zimmie


If you know me at all, you know that I love me some West Coast G Funk.  This year I’m paying homage to a man, born on February 18th, who helped shape my life.  While both of those are true of my actual father, I’m speaking more specifically about Andre Young aka Dr. Dre.  Dr. Dre has been at the forefront of every important era of Hip-Hop since the late 80s.  N.W.A.  Dre & Snoop.  Eminem.  50 Cent.  Kendrick.  Not to mention a grip of classic club bangers from other artists and even soundtracks.


To celebrate Dre, myself and Dev From Above are going to be spinning Dre anthems, Dre productions, remixes of Dre songs, songs that Dre sampled and more.  It’s basically going to be the best night of music in your entire life.  Oh yeah, we’ve also got gin & juice on special. Polish your 100 spokes, throw on your dookie rope and put a fresh crease in those khakis…  Errybody’s celebratin’.


Dre Day 2014

DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Holocene – 1001 SE Morrison St.  //  21+  //  $5  //  9pm





The first official DJ for a President of the United States, DJ Adam 12 has had an interesting and envy-inducing career.  He’s been the DJ for icons like Prince and Dr. Dre as well as the resident selector at some of the best parties in the history of LA (if not the world).  Above all that, he’s one of the nicest DJs I’ve ever met.  I got a chance to meet up with him at his studio where he’s working on a new solo non-DJ album.  (On top of his amazing DJ career he’s also one half of She Wants Revenge).  Make some popcorn and enjoy this one.


Also, if you need some DJ gear, sound, lights, whatever, visit our podcast sponsor, AGI Pro DJ, and use the code EXTRACREDIT when you check out.  You’ll save some loot while supporting a DJ-based company!


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Adam and POTUS



Classic Adam 12



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DJ Documentary Kickstarter // 5 Interviews // Cali Tour // Live on KBOO Mix  //  Dre Day


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In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter // 5 Interviews // Cali Tour // Live on KBOO Mix  //  Dre Day


DJ Documentary


If you haven’t seen any of my posts on social media recently, I’m starting work on a documentary about DJing.  It’s very exciting because some very big names in DJing have already reached out to me in support of the film.  Right now I’m in the phase of raising money to start filming.  Rather than me retyping a bunch of info and boring you to death, check out the Kickstarter page.  There’s tons of info about what I’m doing as well as a fantastic video featuring a cosign from DJ Jazzy Jeff.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me through this site or through the Kickstarter page.  If you like the project, please donate, share it, tell a friend, etc.  #DJMovie


Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ







I’ve been doing a ton of interviews about the #DJMovie project.  They all talk about the documentary but each interview branches out differently into DJing so check them out.


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Tuesday 2.18.2014

DRE DAY 2014

DJ Zimmie & Dev From Above

Dre classics, remixes of Dre songs and more.

Holocene – Portland, OR