There’s a lot happening with Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ.  Give a listen to the update below to see what that means for the podcast.  Thanks for the support!



Disclaimer:  This is a long post.  I should have written this up months ago, but, as my mom would say, it’s better to be late and brutally honest than on time and skimp on details.  (She never said that.)



In case you weren’t aware via an annoying email, call, text or social media message from me, earlier this year I ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign.  The campaign would have fully funded Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ,  a documentary about DJing that I’m currently filming.  The campaign was not successful in terms of reaching it’s funding goal.  It was however successful in spreading the word about the project and also in making me dislike crowd-source funding (for the most part).  In the following article I will walk you through my Kickstarter experience and tell you how I feel about the whole thing.


Note:  You can donate to my documentary project at and every single donation goes towards making the film.  Thanks in advance.


Hurry Up… And Wait


Once I decided that I was going to run a Kickstarter campaign, I sat down at the computer, cracked my knuckles, took a swig of coffee and thought that in no time, I’d have a campaign set up.  I knew that I could get the campaign approved and then launch it when the time was right.  It was November 2013.  Boy was I wrong.


All your Kickstarter donations are processed through an Amazon Payments account you have to set up.  (Don’t like Amazon? You’re SOL.)  To set up this account you need an EIN (employee identification number) which means you need to set up a corporation.  (hits brakes)  So I spent the time and money figuring out what I’m calling my new company and then filed for a corporation.  (Didn’t want a corporation?  Too bad, dissolve it later I guess.)  After the corporation was set up I had to wait for Amazon to verify my bank account.  This whole process took at least a week if I remember correctly.  Ok here we go again!  (makes more coffee)


Once you set up your Kickstarter campaign with all your Amazon information, the campaign needs to be approved by Kickstarter.  (hits brakes again)  The Kickstarter staff checks out your campaign and reviews your rewards (things you give people who donate money) to make sure everything looks good.  This involved a few back and forth emails to the staff, most of which made zero sense.  I had several rewards that were very similar and they’d single out one, ask me to explain it (every reward had an explanation) and then not respond when I explained why I priced something a certain way or what a reward meant.  I changed a few words and they approved the campaign.  It’s now December 26th, 2013.  I launched on January 13th, 2014


Pricing note:  I’ll break down “Kickstarter math” as I call it later so you can see how much you really (don’t) pocket once you send out rewards.  Muy importante.




I’m heading down under once again for probably the most legendary tour I could imagine.  I’ll be supporting hip-hop gods Pete Rock and DJ Premier on their first ever tour of Australia and New Zealand.  I’ll also be kicking off production of the DJ documentary I’m making with the interviews and footage I film on the tour.  Check out all the details of the film at, follow on social media, sign up for the email blast and donate to support the project.  Amazing posts are coming!


Thur 5/1 – Capitol – Perth

Fri 5/2 – 170 Russell – Melbourne

Sat 5/3 – The Hi-Fi – Sydney

Wed 5/7 – Corner Hotel – Melbourne

Thur 5/8 – HQ – Adelaide

Fri 5/9 – Oh Hello! – Brisbane


Full Details:



Hot off the presses we’ve got the artwork for the Soundtrack documentary posters.  Showdeer did a great job with these and since the final posters for the film might be different, these will most likely be a limited collector’s item.  Donate now and tell a friend!



I’ve been hitting the promo tour full force trying to raise awareness and raise funds for my documentary about DJing.  (Donate to the #DJMovie Kickstarter HERE.)  One recent stop was 90.7 FM KBOO Portland Radio to talk to my man DJ ATM and spin some tunes.  We hit the record button and now you’ve got a tasty little mixtape off the top of my head.  Share it, donate to the cause and spread the good word.


Mix Link:


Movie Link:



We’re now two weeks into the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for “Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ“. If you haven’t checked out the project yet, go HERE to watch the promo video with DJ Jazzy Jeff, read about the movie, make a donation and share it. Thank you again for all your support!


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Check out the video for my Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ.  Learn more about the movie and support the project HERE!



If you haven’t seen any of my posts on social media recently, I’m starting work on a documentary about DJing.  It’s very exciting because some very big names in DJing have already reached out to me in support of the film.  Right now I’m in the phase of raising money to start filming.  Rather than me retyping a bunch of info and boring you to death, check out the Kickstarter page.  There’s tons of info about what I’m doing as well as a fantastic video featuring a cosign from DJ Jazzy Jeff.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me through this site or through the Kickstarter page.  If you like the project, please donate, share it, tell a friend, etc.  #DJMovie


Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ



In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter  //  KZME Interview // DJ 88 Interview //  Moomba Montreal Recap


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In This Edition:


DJ Documentary Kickstarter  //  KZME Interview // DJ 88 Interview //  Moomba Montreal Recap


DJ Documentary Kickstarter


This Monday, January 13th, I’m launching a Kickstarter to help fund a documentary that I’m making about DJing.  There will be a separate email blast about it as well as updates on my website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but in the mean time, follow on social media to get updates.


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DJ 88 on the Extra Credit Podcast


In November I headed to Las Vegas to DJ some dates at Insert Coins.  Luckily I had some microphones in my bag and snagged an interview with my most hospitable host, DJ 88.  In Episode 8 (that was a total accident) of the Extra Credit Podcast, Las Vegas murder mami DJ 88 fills us in about coming up as DJ Adam 12‘s manager, Associate Producing the High School High soundtrack and carving out her place in the boy’s club that is DJing.  Do the knowledge, subscribe and give the podcast a good rating!


Also, if you need some DJ gear, sound, lights, whatever, visit our podcast sponsor, AGI Pro DJ, and use the code EXTRACREDIT when you check out.  You’ll save some loot while supporting a DJ-based company!


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Moomba Montreal Recap


Last Saturday night I got to head back to Montreal to rock a set at Moomba Theater.  Moomba is a massive gourmet restaurant that transforms into a Vegas-style nightclub and books some of the biggest DJs in the world.  We clocked over 1,000 people through the doors and I put down some big room house, EDM and a dash of twerk.  The party was definitely live.  View the full photo album HERE.



KZME Interview


Back in October of 2013 (Yeah I’m a little late on the repost) Portland homie DJ Klyph had me on 107.1 FM KZME Portland radio to play a few joints and talk about DJing.  Luckily I had my friends DJ Excel and DJ Impulse in town that week so it was a combo deal.  Check out Klyph’s show “Welcome to the Neighborhood” online or on the radio if you live in Portland.  Recorded 10/29/2013 – Listen HERE.


Set list for hour 1 HERE


Set list for hour 2 HERE