I heard your iPod was running low so this email blast is full of fresh tunes for you.  Next month’s email blast will have some juicy gig news but for now let’s get to the music…




Sample-based Hip-Hop, to me, is the essence of Hip-Hop. Taking what’s available to you and adding a creative spark to make it your own is how break records in NYC parks turned into the most influential genre of music on Earth. Footnotes is an encyclopedic mix series of sample-based Hip-Hop by year. Mixes will be released chronologically, multiple editions per year when necessary, to educate listeners on the ingredients of Hip-Hop. Digging for samples is constantly expanding my musical horizons by introducing me to artists and tracks that become new favorites while giving me insight into what producers grew up listening to.


Note:  This first edition covers 1979-1981. I won’t cover every single song that used a sample.  If I did, I’d never finish.  I’ll be highlighting important songs, unique sample flips and influential artists or producers.  Some samples were used by multiple artists and I’ll be showcasing what I think was the best or most popular usage.


Stay in school!  Thank you to LRG for the support!


FOOTNOTES VOL. 1 (1979-1981)






The “BACKRUB” series is all about making love and keeping things sexy.  This installment is heavy on the soul music with a touch of heartbreak.  Enjoy it with someone…


Backrub Vol. 4

Click to download   http://bit.ly/X0MtGc


Past Volumes (click to download)


Backrub Vol. 3         Backrub Vol. 2


(SoundCloud rejected this mix for copyright infringement so no fancy streaming, just download links.)




(full schedule in sidebar)


Mardi Gras @ Jones




DJ Zimmie October 2012 Newsletter


Big news this month!  I’ve been hard at work on the website for my private function / corporate event / wedding business and it’s finally done.  The fine folks at R1 Creative did a brilliant job on it and I couldn’t be happier.  If you’re having a school, corporate or private function, getting married or just need a great DJ with top-notch sound and lighting, look no further.  Check out the site and see what I’ve been up to when I’m not at the club.


Modern Event Solutions



I told you in the last email that we’ve been having a busy, crazy awesome Summer in Portland.  If you haven’t already, check out my full post and see all the pics and details.


Portland Summer 2012



On the down low, I’m working on a new mixtape project.  Let’s just say that it involves sample-based Hip-Hop, it’s going to be huge and it’s going to take me the rest of my life to finish.  More details very soon…


Thursdays at Tube


I have a new alternating Thursday at TUBE in Portland with DJ Dev from Above.  Come through and get loose.  Peep the ill flier…





I know I’m late to the party but… If you’re on Instagram, I’m “djzimmie”


Motown Throwdown


It’s almost that time of year again…


Saturday 10.27.2012

Pathfinder of WV presents

Motown Throwdown

Snowboard & Ski Competition

6p-9p // 235 High Street, Morgantown, WV

Burton Premier Party Friday 10.26

Sign up: MotownThrowdown@gmail.com

Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/421516491244971/

FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/MotownThrowdownWVU



Watch the Motown Throwdown video from last year!


OMSI After Dark Halloween Edition


If you haven’t been yet, OMSI throws a big museum-wide party on the last Wednesday of the month and it’s a blast.  There’s food, alcohol, you can check out the museum and they bring in special exhibits and experiments to match the theme of the party.  We’re doing it big for Halloween this year…



Upcoming Events

Check the schedule to the right for the full listing…



Ginger Hill – Slippery Rock University



Red Bull ReMX Motorcross Race

Steel City Raceway – Event Info



Live 95! Party w/ DJ Impulse

Patty Boom Boom – Washington, DC



Get Down w/ DJ Impulse

Baltimore, MD



West Virginia Bridge Day w/ Red Bull

Oak Hill, WV

Event Info



Mud on the Mountain (obstacle mud run)


7 Springs Resort, PA

Flier soon!


Portland is amazing.  I try not to use the word amazing often, but, it really applies here.  The amount of good food to eat, events to attend, things to see and places to explore is too much for one person to take in without some serious planning.  There’s an ever expanding list of hikes, bike rides, concerts, art events, parties, new restaurants, cool food carts and adventures growing every week.  This was my first full Summer here and it was non-stop fun.  I had plenty of visitors to help me eat this good food and accompany me as I explored the city and surrounding areas.



I had to show Portland Summer some love and write up my adventures in a post.  Thank you to Tia, Red Bull and everyone who helped make magic happen this Summer.  Thanks also to everyone who cooked all the food I ate.  I ate tons of it… I uploaded over 70 photos to an album in chronological order.





Highlight Photos:


5.19 – Multnomah Falls hike

5.22 – Roger Waters performing “The Wall” at the Rose Garden

6.27 – DJing at OMSI After Dark

7.4 – 4th of July at Irving Park

7.12 – Slash at Roseland

7.14 – Mississippi Street Fair

7.18 – Portland Zoo

7.22 – Sites from The Goonies

8.11 – Alberta Street Fair

8.11 – Tualatin Crawfish Festival

8.12 – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skillz at the Do-Over

8.13 – Visiting Nike & Adidas headquarters w/ Jazzy Jeff

8.18 – Portland Armada w/ Four Color Zack, DJ Five & Capts of Industry

8.18 – Couture Block Party w/ FourColorZack, DJ Five & Capts of Industry

8.18 – DJ Neil Armstrong at Defcon 20 Year Anniversary Party

8.19 – Sticks and Stones 3rd annual Pop Up Pool Party

8.26 – Tia & Gregory’s Electric Summer Party

9.7 – Holy Trinity (Madonna vs. Prince vs. MJ) at Jones

9.8 – Dinosaur Jr. at Red Bull Common Thread

9.8 – Girl Talk at MusicFest NW

9.9 – Pete Rock, Madlib, Wajeed and Kurupt at the Do-Over







JONES Grand Opening Week


All 80s & 90s music (like we do it every night, baby)

Nightly gift bags, giveaways, raffles and prizes / Kool-Aid & Tang drink specials

107 NW Couch – Portland, OR – http://jonesbarportland.com/

Come see me Friday night!



Last month I got to compete for the 3rd time in Red Bull’s annual international DJ battle, THRE3STYLE.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a battle where DJs perform a 15-minute set consisting of at least 3 genres of music.  It’s a great concept and it really brings out some super creative talent from around the world.  For more info check out the THRE3STYLE site or watch my video from 2011.

There was some serious competition this year and it was great to see sets from Portland’s best, most of which I haven’t had the chance to see live yet.  In the end, I brought home the silver, but I had a great time doing it.  Thanks to Red Bull for putting on a great event, everyone that competed, all the fans in attendance and Aaron Rogosin and Matthew Kort for the photos.


Last month I played SNAP! 90s party.  It’s been poppin’ for over 3 years now and it’s always a good time.  Thanks to CoCo, Doc Adam and Colin for putting me on.  Peep the pics below.  Full set at Jim Yeager’s site


It’s that time again.  Red Bull is holding the regional qualifiers for their annual THRE3STYLE international DJ battle.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a battle where DJs perform a 15-minute set consisting of at least 3 genres of music.  It’s a great concept and it really brings out some super creative talent from around the world.  For more info check out the THRE3STYLE site or watch my video below from 2011.  I’ll be battling against 7 of Portland’s top DJs to move on to the next round in San Francisco.  If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come support me and the event!

2012 Red Bull THRE3STYLE

Saturday, January 21st – 9:00 – 21+ Free with RSVP

Fez Ballroom – 316 SW 11th Ave – Portland, OR

Headlining set by DJ EXCEL

Facebook Event



I hit the road in June for a week-long tour and covered both coasts.  Thanks to everyone that put me on.  I’m including a grip of photos but be sure to check the full album HERE.  There was almost as much eating as DJing so excuse the food photos.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to get down on some food.  Look out for my FOOD BLOG launching soon…

June 23 – Still Life – Raleigh, NC w/ DJ Forge
June 24 – Suite – Charlotte, NC w/ DJ Supa Skip
June 25 – Massive – Crown Room – Portland, OR w/ Doc Adam
June 25 – Afternoon Delight – Weiland’s Brewery – LA, CA
June 26 – More Fire Mondays – Riverside, CA w/ Roial1
June 30 – DTF Thursdays – Florentine’s – Fullerton, CA w/ Roial1

How much for 1 rib?
Still Life was crackin’ EARLY

Line down the street at 10:30

DJ Forge, Me & Rapper Big Pooh
Price’s Chicken Coop – a Charlotte must!

Cool hotel room.  Wish I would have slept in it for more than 2 hours…

Supa Skip warming it up...
DJ Supa Skip warming it up…
Best gyro in the world…
Line down the street.  You seeing a pattern here?
Off to LA
Power lunch with the DJ City homies…
Quick run to Vegas.  Had to cop some fresh gear at KNYEW.
Me & Guilty Simpson.  Thanks big daddy Dasco!
How’d that sticker get there?


Upcoming Events

Tonight! – Thursday 4.5

First Thursdays w/ R.A.P.P. Mentoring

PREM Group – 351 NW 12th – Portland, OR – 5:30-9:00

Friday 4.6

Couture Ultra Lounge

28 NW 4th – Portland, OR

Saturday 4.7

The Scenario w/ Rev Shines

Produce Row – 204 SE Oak – Portland, OR

Saturday 4.14

Freeway & Tony Ozier WSG Project (live band)

Crown Room – 205 NW 4th – Portland, OR

Open Bar Party! – Free Drinks 9:30-10:30 / 21+ / $5


Tuesday 4.17

Adult Swim Carnival w/ Dan Deacon & DJ Zimmie

University of Oregon – Eugene, OR – 7pm


Saturday 4.21

Rebooting Democracy Festival w/ Ancient Heat

Star Theater – 13 NW 6th Ave – Portland, OR

Saturday  4.28

Happy Endings w/ Doc Adam

Crown Room – 205 N 4th – Portland, OR

Saturday 5.12

Mud On The Mountain – Tough Mudder Competition

7 Springs Resort – 7 Springs, PA

More info soon… – http://www.mudonthemountain.com/

Facebook Fan Page

I’ll be releasing a secret mix ONLY to my Facebook Fan Page this month.  Don’t forget to LIKE it at www.Facebook.com/DJZimmieWhat

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