By now you’ve undoubtedly listened to my podcast, Extra Credit, and you can’t get enough of it.  Lucky for you, the good folks at Apple have made it super easy to get new editions of the podcast delivered fresh to your iTunes, iPhones, iPads, iPods and other non-Apple gadgets.  Here’s how to subscribe…


Step 1: Visit the Extra Credit Podcast web page here:




Step 2: Click “View in iTunes”.  iTunes will open.



Step 3:  Click “Subscribe Free”.



Step 4:  Click “Get All”.  Past episodes will download to your iTunes.



Step 5:  If you want, click “Settings” and modify them as you see fit.  The default settings will check for new podcasts daily and download them directly to your iTunes.



Step 6:  To modify what podcasts sync to your iPhone, iPad, etc., plug in your device and go to “Podcasts” under your sync settings.  Choose how many recent podcasts automatically sync to your device.



Step 7:  Give the podcast a 5 star rating and tell all your friends!