Pioneer of Rap Craves 9-to-5 Stability


Lamar Hill aka L.A. Sunshine from the pioneering rap group The Treacherous Three talks about promises of success, homelessness and drug abuse throughout a troubled career.  There’s so many stories about pioneers as well as huge icons in hip-hop ending up with next to nothing.  via New York Times.



Grandmaster Jay Fails To Redeem Himself


If you’ve been following the absurdity that is Beamz and their clown of a spokesperson, Grandmaster Jay, you’ve had a good  laugh up to this point.  If not, make some popcorn and fire up that Google.  In a recent attempt to prove that he’s really a great DJ (not good, great) he definitely shot off the other foot.  Apparently Beamz thought they could fool actual DJs in to believing this guy wasn’t a fugazi.  via Do Androids Dance



27 Record Stores To Visit Before You Die


If you’re the kind of record digger that keeps a bucket list, here’s a few from around the globe you might not have on your list yet.  (Couldn’t they pick a better photo for Portland than the hipster girl?)  via Buzzfeed