On 10.1.2011 I got to DJ the Red Bull ReMX motocross race at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, PA.  ReMX is a relay race-style motocross event where each rider is part of a 4 man team but competes against riders in their own class as well.  It’s a cool concept and the riders came ready to give it their all.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t have had worse riding conditions.  It started out around 55 degrees with light rain and by the middle of the race it was about 40 degrees and pouring rain sideways.  Although it got extra sloppy, the race went on and everyone had a blast.  Nothing like a little bit of punk & metal to keep everyone in a good mood!

Shout out to great guy and amazing photographer Garth Milan for the recap photos.


On 9.24 I was brought down to DC to rock for a triple birthday bash at Cities.  DC’s nightlife is off the chain so I knew it was going to be a good time.  Shout out to birthday man Bobby and the homie Mark for putting me on.

Line down the street… early!  (Funkmaster Flex voice)

We swear Bobby was actually happy about his birthday…

That’s right…

DJ Vicious, me, Bobby.

Me & Mark

Had to hit the late night Korean BBQ spot, open 24 hours and super legit.  Thanks to Geometrix and the homies from Commonwealth for the good eats!  Honey Pig for the win.


This is edit features a redrum on the drumless parts, an LA Riots chorus first and then a Tomba & Borgore dubstep chorus second.  It’s got everything you need…


LMFAO – “Sexy And I Know It” (Zimmie’s Greatest Hits Mix)






September is shared between Mary and Kayla.  I recently got the DJ Zimmie medallion custom made and this was the first time I busted it out.  Two heads are better than one…



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This mix is a collaboration between me and www.KixNLidz.blogspot.com.These are some of my favorite tracks that make you nod your head and they needed to all be put into one mix.  Turn it up, stretch out that neck and take some Aleve if you need to…

DJ Zimmie – Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz)

DJ Zimmie – Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz) by DJ Zimmie


I recently got to put another stamp in the passport for a gig (even though technically they don’t stamp for Canada anymore, which made me sad).  The homies Hennie V and Jug-E brought me up to Bank in Barrie.  Barrie is a small suburb of Toronto but they get it crackin’ for sure.  You only have to be 19 to get into clubs in Canada but luckily I did not get arrested.  Bank, which used to be an actual bank, was super dope and even had a rooftop deck, SkyBank.

Crackin’ early!

4:1 girl to guy ratio all night…

This is how it starts…

This is how it ends…  Hi-Top box fade for the win!

19 year olds these days…

It’s Canadian law that you have to eat poutine after a gig.

Good thing the hotel vending machine was stocked.  I was thinking about getting a Hi-Top box fade for my next trip but wasn’t sure if I’d be prepared…

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Before his untimely passing, DJ AM opened Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City at Caesars.  I got the chance to play there recently with the homie from Philly, DJ Royale.  The sound and lighting at Dusk are extra dope, with the dome ceiling lights making it feel like you’re at a rave underwater.  (I swear, that makes sense).  The crowd was mad fun and we played nothing but fun, uptempo dance music until 3 am.  It was a blast…

Royale warming it up…


Ending the night with a “Duck Buster” aka a cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  I had a heart attack shortly afterwards…

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Miss August 2011 will be featured up on an upcoming T-Shirt collaboration between DJ Zimmie and Left Hand Clothing.    Keep your eyes here for more info.   Amy is from Pittsburgh and cuts her Pomeranian’s hair to look like a mini lion…

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Sometimes you need to get from Zhane’s “Hey Mr. DJ” to the Joe Maz remix of DJ Godfathers “Player Haters”.  This is how you do it.   105 bpm -127 bpm.

DJ Zimmie – Player Hater Transition

DJ Zimmie – Player Hater Transition by DJ Zimmie

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Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more crunk, Me, Kosherkuts and Real Juicy hit you with this mix. Full of the type of goodies you’d hear on www.WhiteFolksGetCrunk.com, this mix has everything you need to cruise around in your barely legal Regal, rob a 7-11 or just drink some Hennessey at home with your boo.  Look for some CD release dates real soon…  Shouts to Kelly for the design.

The Official White Folks Get Crunk Mixtape

White Folks Get Crunk – The Official Mixtape by DJ Zimmie