Sample-based Hip-Hop, to me, is the essence of Hip-Hop. Taking what’s available to you and adding a creative spark to make it your own is how break records in NYC parks turned into the most influential genre of music on Earth. Footnotes is an encyclopedic mix series of sample-based Hip-Hop by year. Mixes will be released chronologically, multiple editions per year when necessary, to educate listeners on the ingredients of Hip-Hop. Digging for samples is constantly expanding my musical horizons by introducing me to artists and tracks that become new favorites while giving me insight into what producers grew up listening to.


Note:  This first edition covers 1979-1981. I won’t cover every single song that used a sample.  If I did, I’d never finish.  I’ll be highlighting important songs, unique sample flips and influential artists or producers.  Some samples were used by multiple artists and I’ll be showcasing what I think was the best or most popular usage.


Stay in school!  Thank you to LRG for the support!



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 One of my favorite parts of a DJ gig is the post-gig meetup / sh*t talk session that happens at 3 am with other DJs.  I love hearing about how the gig went, what was bad, what was good and if I haven’t seen the person in a while, what’s been up with them.  A lot of times DJs tell stories to each other that give the inside scoop about how “the best party ever” actually sucked or how they had an amazing night and things of that nature.  I wanted to capture some of these stories but also introduce some veteran DJs as well as producers & entertainers to DJs that might not be familiar.  Hopefully through their stories you’ll find some new DJs you love listening to and if you’re an up-and-coming DJ, you may learn a thing or two!


Episode 1 features Seattle veteran DJ Supreme La Rock.


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If you haven’t been to a prom in a really long time, or, just always wanted to go to that famous dance from Back To The Future, you are in luck!  This month at Jones we’re throwing an 80’s & 90’s themed prom.  Bust out your sea foam tuxedo, poof your bangs extra big and get loose with us.  The best-dressed couple will win a pair of 80s/90s goodie bags.  Special invited guests include Mayor Goldie Wilson!  (Save the clock tower!)




Enchantment Under The Sea Dance

80’s & 90’s Themed Prom

Jones – 107 NW Couch – Portland, OR





If you’re going to be in Portland for New Year’s Eve and you’d like to have a delicious gourmet dinner, hear some good music and celebrate the new year in style, come see me at Saucebox.  Saucebox is one of my favorite spaces in the city.  It’s a top-notch restaurant with a classy yet unpretentious atmosphere.  The clientele is diverse and you’ll leave with a smile on your face.  Come early for dinner, stay late for dancing.


Saucebox – 214 SW Broadway – Portland, OR

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In case you missed the viral video this week, DMX lost his mind again and sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on a radio show.  (video here).  I hate holiday songs but something had to be done with this…


DMX – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (DJ Zimmie Edit)



DMX – Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (DJ Zimmie Edit) by DJ Zimmie



On November 3rd, 7 Springs hosted another Mud on the Mountain obstacle course race and it was my job to get everyone hyped up at the starting line.  This race I had my work cut out for me because a few days before, a freak blizzard dumped 26 inches of snow on the resort.  I was worried the race would be cancelled but then I remembered that everyone who signed up is insane and almost 3,000 people ran the course.  Despite freezing conditions everyone was in high spirits and you would’ve thought it was 80 degrees outside.


Check out more pictures in the album HERE.



Tomorrow night I’ll be DJing an awesome movie premier for Red Bull.  Here’s the skinny:


Where the Trail Ends is a film following the world’s top freeride mountain bikers as they search for un-ridden terrain around the globe, ultimately shaping the future of big mountain freeriding. This unparalleled story documents man’s challenges against mother nature and himself showcased through a cast of colorful characters. This is the most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted resulting in an entertainment adventure unlike anything experienced before. The screening is presented in collaboration with Specialized with special guest, Darren Berrecloth and an after party to follow.


Mission St. Theater & Pub – 1624 NW Glisan – Portland, OR

Tickets availible for purchase at www.mcmenamins.com

21+ Only – Doors at 7:30 / Screening at 8:15 – Music by DJ Zimmie (www.djzimmie.com)

Support from Fat Tire Farm. www.fattirefarm.com

Athlete Darren Berrecloth will be in attendance!


Follow @RedBullPDX #WTTE for more info.




I’m almost positive that if I post this on my SoundCloud, it will get taken down along with a bunch of other things that I’m already fighting to keep up.  Friggin’ copyrights…  Anyways, here’s a simple intro for “Don’t Wake Me Up”.  I hate when there’s 2 minutes of no drums to kill my dance floor.  Enjoy.


Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (DJ Zimmie Intro)



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My bucket list of artists to see live is short and last night I got the privilege to see one of favorite hip-hop groups perform for the first time.


I’ve been a fan of People Under The Stairs since I heard “Suite For Beaver Pt. 1” on Mark Farina’s “Mushroom Jazz 4″ mix.  I was immediately hooked by their golden-era sounding beats and back-and-forth wordplay but most importantly by the easy-going fun attitude of their music.  As time went on and hip-hop (I’m using that term lightly) became more about braggadocio and being a club commodity, PUTS maintained their commitment to quality boom-bap and having a good time.  I continued to follow their discography and was never disappointed.  Always evolving, their music never ceased to pay homage to its old-school roots and have an “educational” value to new younger audiences.  You’ll find a track from PUTS on every edition of my “You Gots To Grill” Summertime mix series as tradition.



I’d be surprised if I haven’t been to over 1,000 concerts in my lifetime.  I started when I was 11 and even though I’ve slowed down recently, there were times in my youth where I was going to 3-5 shows a week.  At this point I rarely stay for an entire show and I’m probably the harshest critic I know, especially for hip-hop.  The PUTS show last night at Hawthorne Theater was one of the most refreshing shows I’ve been to in years and maybe the best hip-hop show I’ve ever seen.  I stayed until the very end.


Walking on stage with local beers and a red solo cup in  their hands, it was immediately apparent that Thes One and Double K were there to party with the crowd.  Their levels of crowd interaction, showmanship presence and hype-men skills were the kind that can only be attained through countless gigs and a genuine desire to give back the love that they receive from fans.


In stark contrast to most boring, disorganized hip-hop stage shows, PUTS flipped the script for every song in their hour set in a manner too improvised to be rehearsed and too tight not to be the mark of veterans.  Some tracks showcased Double K on the cut while some had the duo backing each other up in classic Run-DMC fashion.  There were interludes of freestyle rhyming and song outros that turned into beatboxing transitions.  I especially lost my shit when Thes One strapped on a drum machine and started sequencing on the spot while Double K cut up “SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.  Their nod to their roots was seamless, subtle and unconscious to most but appreciated by the heads.



The most surprising part of the show was the commitment from the younger fans.  PUTS performing in Portland last year on the Mac Miller tour, which coupled with their unabashed love for the sticky green, definitely helped to cultivate a younger audience.  However, under 21 fans knowing words to songs from 2004 and before in that abundance blew me away.  PUTS spoke to the fans from the stage about their love for Portland and their appreciation of support in an authentic manner that I haven’t experienced in a show since my teens.  They shouted out local friends Rev Shines and the Lifesavas.  It was grass roots fan base expansion of the best kind.


After the show they hung at the merch table, talked to fans and signed not only purchased items but also posters stolen from the walls and whatever else the crowd could produce to get Sharpied.  They thanked me for my continued support and hit me off with a vinyl copy of their newest album, “Highlighter”.  I can’t wait to drop the needle on it this week.




The amount of PUTS on my iPod is ridiculous but here’s a tasty treat to get you started on your journey.  In the words of Thes at the show, “Nothing in this life matters if it isn’t fun.”