Every week I come across articles and stories about DJing, DJing technology or just cool music-related ideas.  Since I don’t have much faith in the actual sharing effectiveness of most forms of social media, I decided to start a segment on my site called “DJ News”.  As I accumulate them, I’ll be posting happenings from around the internet related to DJing and music.  Grab a coffee and stay up to date!


Jerry’s Records (Pittsburgh, PA) to open bargain basement.


If you’re a record nerd, you undoubtedly know about Jerry’s.  If you want a quick tour, watch THIS video of me walking around the store.  Jerry recently decided to open up the bargain basement for even more savings on one of the most amazing record, tape and CD collections on Earth.  Read HERE.



DJ Platurn chimes in on 10 records every DJ or party host should own.


Mayor of the San Francisco music scene DJ Platurn chimes in on 10 records you need in your crates.  It’s no secret that some James Brown, Run-DMC, Gang Starr and Michael Jackson are good ingredients to set that party off.  If you’re already stocked up, you’re OK in my book.  Read HERE.



The Nerdy DJ.


Recently my North Cackalack homie DJ Forge started a site called The Nerdy DJ.  It’s a great site written by DJs with tips, tricks, product reviews and more to help you not suck and save a few bucks.  Check it out and add it to your bookmarks list.





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