New Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer!  I’ve been holding off on buying a new mixer for quite some time now and this is definitely the next purchase.  I got a chance to give this a test drive at the Playlist Retreat and I can tell you firsthand, it’s badass.  2 USB ports, adjustable tension faders and the DDJ-SP1 built in to name just a few features.  Watch the videos and read about it via Pioneer.  Cop it for the low low via AGI Pro DJ.


Straight Outta Compton.  I’ve been waiting for this to come out with a music boner since I heard rumblings about it.  How is this DJ-related?  Dr. Dre is the most important DJ in the last 25 years of music.  Period.  What’s more?  When you see Dre cutting up Hashim in the flick, the audio is none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff.



The TSA Doesn’t Work, and It Never Has.  This isn’t exactly news.  If you fly with any regularity, you’ve undoubtedly wondered why you bothered graduating 8th grade when you could have just gotten a job in one of those fancy blue shirts.  My favorite part is where the guy made it through a pat down with a bomb strapped to his back.  Slap your forehead via The Atlantic.


Instagram Switches on Advertising API.  In case you ain’t know, I just had my Facebook account disabled.  No worries though, Instagram is still poppin’.  Although Instagram seems to be the lead horse, expect to see a lot more ads very soon.  My crystal ball says we might be jumping a shark.  I recommend getting your own site to keep your content safe.  via Business Insider


With No Health Benefits, DJing Can Be Risky Business.  The homie Risk One just beat cancer!!!  Very exciting, however, seeing a fellow DJ have a major health scare like that should make you think about how you’re protecting your future.  Read about the ins and outs via Vegas Seven


The Guys Behind the “DJs Complaining” Twitter Review The Moaniest DJs.  Just for fun…  We all know DJs like to bitch about trivial shit.  Surely their artistic contributions must be worth it.  These guys check in on Chuckie.  via Vice




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This is a very visual DJ news.  Lots happening with videos to match.


We Are Not Your Friends:  If you haven’t seen it, disbelieved it and mocked it yourself yet, Zac Efron “stars” in a movie about a guy fed who is up with fixing houses and decides he’s going to make the big leap to becoming an EDM DJ.  (Before watching the trailer, hide all sharp objects just in case you get the urge to kill yourself.)  Then watch my favorite parody HERE.



DJ Shot Dead for Not Playing Request:  To be honest, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a headline yet of “DJ shoots someone dead for requesting song”.  via UKF


Steve Aoki Being Sued for Breaking a Girl’s Neck:  Unfortunately it’s for jumping on a raft on top of her head, not from headnod beats.  via Billboard


“Grandmaster” Jay Fails at Redemption:  Remember the guy who faked that he could DJ to represent the shit DJ product Beamz?  Neither do I.  After receiving a ton of hate, he decided to set the record straight and show off his skills, which proved to be minimal.  Watch the video via Complex.


Skrillex Academy:  If you haven’t seen Whiplash, check it out, it’s a good flick.  (This isn’t really news, it’s just funny and I enjoy busting on space bar pushers.)


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(more DJ News posts here)


Mass Appeal shows you where the covers for some of the most iconic hip-hop albums were shot using Google Earth.  I foresee more of this (please).




How Jay-Z’s Tidal press conference showed he’s out of touch.  via TIME


Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” gets 5 new writers.  Just when you thought it was safe to make music.  via The Guardian


Simon Cowell to host “Ultimate DJ” competition.  It’s like Top Chef, but with shitty DJs acting like they’re playing shittier music.  via Variety




Revenge of the Record Labels.  How the majors renewed their grip on music.  via Forbes


As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM – There’s been a ton of great press about the DJ AM documentary and it’s premiere at Tribeca Film Festival.  Here’s a quick interview with one of the producers, Kevin Kerslake.  Do yourself a favor and Google more about this film.  via Indiewire




Wolfgang Gartner speaks on the perils of the new social media hustle.  (strongly recommended reading) via Medium / Cuepoint.


wolfgang web


8 reasons why R&B has died in the black community.  via Atlanta Black Star


DJ AM documentary will have it’s world premier next month at the Tribeca Film Festival. (fuckin’ psyched for this) via Rolling Stone


am doc


Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” foundation earns $2.6 million and pays out just 1 single $5k grant. And people ask my why I don’t donate to charities and causes… via Daily Mail UK


Kate Plus 8 “star” Jon Gosselin performs gig in New Jersey and 1 lady shows up.  I guess if you really wanna have a DJ career, that’s the kind of gig you should start out with, buddy.  via E!


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Apple to abandon headphone jack for Lightning port.  I hope you like Beats by Dre.
SoundCloud has finally figured out how to monetize it’s service.  Yay! (sarcasm)
via VICE
Pioneer CDJs will no longer use CDs.  Thumb drive jockeys? TDJs?
via DJ Tech Tools
Q-Tip gives Iggy a history lesson on Twitter.  Considering her responses all seem to be missing, I’m guessing she felt dumb and deleted all of them.  Who would have guessed?
via XXL
Stay out of trouble and read a book!


This will be a long one since I haven’t posted in a minute and the internet is goin’ nuts…

DJ Craze – New Slaves Routine
There’s some serious social commentary here and some serious DJ skills. Do the knowledge.

Speaking of Paris Hilton…
I don’t actually know what the NRJ DJ Awards are because the website is in another language, but, I’ll have a hard time taking them seriously since Paris Hilton just won Female DJ of the Year.  I’m saddened by this because it has to mean every single other female DJ in the world has died.  Including DJ Tanner.
Paris is also apparently earning $1 million per gig now.  Good thing I read books.
paris hilton dj award
There are now public DJ booths in European parks…
The Dutch, best known for wooden shoes and Dirty Dutch Electro, wanted everyone to enjoy the sounds of car alarms going off while they max in a park.  Check out the article HERE.  It’s kind of a cool concept, but, you know, anyone can play whatever music they think is good.  We all know how that goes.
Sales of Taylor Swift’s “1989” Intensify Streaming Debate…
Taylor’s new album broke all kinds of records in it’s first week.  Good for her.  What does this have to do with DJing?  Well, as more and more music moves to streaming subscriptions, how popular artists make demands dictates how you get choones.  Read the full article HERE.
Net Neutrality
Even if you’re a strictly vinyl DJ, this affects you.  There’s a war going on right now for control of the internet.  People are definitely chiming in.  See what’s happening and make your voice heard.  CLICK DIS.


8 Things DJs & Producers Should Know About The New SoundCloud Ad Program


Yo I got a great idea!  Just make that shit free.  Or take some of the millions you’re making and actually give it to the labels so they shut up.  Instead, I’m sure you’ll make SoundCloud suck because you’re greedy.  Either way, Risk One breaks it down:


Beastie Boy Mike D talks about how Tupac’s determination to be “authentic” killed him.


I’ve read a bunch of interviews and listened to a bunch of podcasts where people talk about Tupac and his real persona.  It makes me sad that the pursuit of an image can be so damaging to a person.


mike d


Diplo booed off the decks at Burning Man



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Forbes lists world’s highest paid DJs for 2014


If you’re like me, you’re thinking that this list should be called “Guys Who Get Paid The Most For Putting Arms Up In The Air”.  Just remember kids, you can be anything when you grow up, even a guy who makes 8 figures for pretending to DJ.




DJ has viral “Hotel California” remix removed by The Eagles, offers douchey response


I’m using the term “DJ” and “remix” very loosely here…  Considering a royalty check from any one in The Eagles is going to be larger than this hipster’s trust fund, he should be paying homage to these music gods.  High entitlement coupled with low work ethic is the millennial recipe for success.


Why hipsters need to stop writing about hip-hop culture


This article reminded me of the time Kanye was explaining how the way hipsters liked trap music was disingenuous to the point of being racist.


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After way too long of a hiatus, the DJ News is back.  I’ll be better about the posting, I swear.  Check back often.
Mannie Fresh on NPR Microphone Check
Mannie Fresh was recently interviewed on NPR’s Microphone Check show.  At the end he even played some bounce remixes and explains how “we bounced everything”.  Prepare to have your mind blown by some of these joints.  (I’d embed video but they ain’t about that over at NPR.)
Why It’s EDM’s Fault Outkast Flopped at Coachella
This article is obviously from a bit ago but it’s interesting and will be relevant for some time (at least as long as the festival shitshow keeps rolling).
Whachu know about “Wubbing”?  This one is just for fun.


Pioneer of Rap Craves 9-to-5 Stability


Lamar Hill aka L.A. Sunshine from the pioneering rap group The Treacherous Three talks about promises of success, homelessness and drug abuse throughout a troubled career.  There’s so many stories about pioneers as well as huge icons in hip-hop ending up with next to nothing.  via New York Times.



Grandmaster Jay Fails To Redeem Himself


If you’ve been following the absurdity that is Beamz and their clown of a spokesperson, Grandmaster Jay, you’ve had a good  laugh up to this point.  If not, make some popcorn and fire up that Google.  In a recent attempt to prove that he’s really a great DJ (not good, great) he definitely shot off the other foot.  Apparently Beamz thought they could fool actual DJs in to believing this guy wasn’t a fugazi.  via Do Androids Dance



27 Record Stores To Visit Before You Die


If you’re the kind of record digger that keeps a bucket list, here’s a few from around the globe you might not have on your list yet.  (Couldn’t they pick a better photo for Portland than the hipster girl?)  via Buzzfeed