Playlist Retreat

Some seriously historical music shit went down in August at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s house.  I was fortunate to be part of the planning and execution team which meant I got to be on-site for the magic of the Playlist Retreat.


From Uncle Jeff…


“The Playlist Retreat is an intimate gathering of progressive artists for the purpose of inspiration, motivation and collaboration. It is an organic exchange between people who believe in the greater purpose of expression through music.”


Jeff brought together not only legendary producers and DJs but also some of the most gifted up-and-coming talents in the game.  The Retreat schedule included new product demonstrations from the manufacturers themselves, collaborative production sessions, Q&A sit-downs with industry leaders and more.  The organic chemistry of the Retreat left a lasting impression on those involved and quickly lead to new projects between attendees.  Needless to say, the internet went a bit nuts when they saw what was happening, especially since nobody posted a peep about it until they were on their way home.