DJ News #11

New Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer!  I’ve been holding off on buying a new mixer for quite some time now and this is definitely the next purchase.  I got a chance to give this a test drive at the Playlist Retreat and I can tell you firsthand, it’s badass.  2 USB ports, adjustable tension faders and the DDJ-SP1 built in to name just a few features.  Watch the videos and read about it via Pioneer.  Cop it for the low low via AGI Pro DJ.


Straight Outta Compton.  I’ve been waiting for this to come out with a music boner since I heard rumblings about it.  How is this DJ-related?  Dr. Dre is the most important DJ in the last 25 years of music.  Period.  What’s more?  When you see Dre cutting up Hashim in the flick, the audio is none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff.



The TSA Doesn’t Work, and It Never Has.  This isn’t exactly news.  If you fly with any regularity, you’ve undoubtedly wondered why you bothered graduating 8th grade when you could have just gotten a job in one of those fancy blue shirts.  My favorite part is where the guy made it through a pat down with a bomb strapped to his back.  Slap your forehead via The Atlantic.


Instagram Switches on Advertising API.  In case you ain’t know, I just had my Facebook account disabled.  No worries though, Instagram is still poppin’.  Although Instagram seems to be the lead horse, expect to see a lot more ads very soon.  My crystal ball says we might be jumping a shark.  I recommend getting your own site to keep your content safe.  via Business Insider


With No Health Benefits, DJing Can Be Risky Business.  The homie Risk One just beat cancer!!!  Very exciting, however, seeing a fellow DJ have a major health scare like that should make you think about how you’re protecting your future.  Read about the ins and outs via Vegas Seven


The Guys Behind the “DJs Complaining” Twitter Review The Moaniest DJs.  Just for fun…  We all know DJs like to bitch about trivial shit.  Surely their artistic contributions must be worth it.  These guys check in on Chuckie.  via Vice