DJ News #10

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This is a very visual DJ news.  Lots happening with videos to match.


We Are Not Your Friends:  If you haven’t seen it, disbelieved it and mocked it yourself yet, Zac Efron “stars” in a movie about a guy fed who is up with fixing houses and decides he’s going to make the big leap to becoming an EDM DJ.  (Before watching the trailer, hide all sharp objects just in case you get the urge to kill yourself.)  Then watch my favorite parody HERE.



DJ Shot Dead for Not Playing Request:  To be honest, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a headline yet of “DJ shoots someone dead for requesting song”.  via UKF


Steve Aoki Being Sued for Breaking a Girl’s Neck:  Unfortunately it’s for jumping on a raft on top of her head, not from headnod beats.  via Billboard


“Grandmaster” Jay Fails at Redemption:  Remember the guy who faked that he could DJ to represent the shit DJ product Beamz?  Neither do I.  After receiving a ton of hate, he decided to set the record straight and show off his skills, which proved to be minimal.  Watch the video via Complex.


Skrillex Academy:  If you haven’t seen Whiplash, check it out, it’s a good flick.  (This isn’t really news, it’s just funny and I enjoy busting on space bar pushers.)


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