DJ News #6

This will be a long one since I haven’t posted in a minute and the internet is goin’ nuts…

DJ Craze – New Slaves Routine
There’s some serious social commentary here and some serious DJ skills. Do the knowledge.

Speaking of Paris Hilton…
I don’t actually know what the NRJ DJ Awards are because the website is in another language, but, I’ll have a hard time taking them seriously since Paris Hilton just won Female DJ of the Year.  I’m saddened by this because it has to mean every single other female DJ in the world has died.  Including DJ Tanner.
Paris is also apparently earning $1 million per gig now.  Good thing I read books.
paris hilton dj award
There are now public DJ booths in European parks…
The Dutch, best known for wooden shoes and Dirty Dutch Electro, wanted everyone to enjoy the sounds of car alarms going off while they max in a park.  Check out the article HERE.  It’s kind of a cool concept, but, you know, anyone can play whatever music they think is good.  We all know how that goes.
Sales of Taylor Swift’s “1989” Intensify Streaming Debate…
Taylor’s new album broke all kinds of records in it’s first week.  Good for her.  What does this have to do with DJing?  Well, as more and more music moves to streaming subscriptions, how popular artists make demands dictates how you get choones.  Read the full article HERE.
Net Neutrality
Even if you’re a strictly vinyl DJ, this affects you.  There’s a war going on right now for control of the internet.  People are definitely chiming in.  See what’s happening and make your voice heard.  CLICK DIS.