July 2014 Email Blast

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You Gots To Grill Vol. 6  //  Noticeworthy  //  Kickstarter Recap  //  Shirt Sale  //  Articles


Free Music


DJ Zimmie – You Gots To Grill – Volume 6 – “Grill At Will”


Sometimes when you’re halfway home, your pager is STILL blowin’ up.  Unfortunately, if you have BBQ sauce on your fingers, you don’t want to check it because you’ll ruin your freshly creased khakis.  Please, be safe this holiday season and don’t Q and drive.  Volume 6 of the You Gots To Grill mix series is giving you an overhand slap like you stole something.  Don’t forget to cop 1-5 HERE.



Backup MIXCRATE Link HERE.  (In case SoundCloud shits the bed.)





Recently I was a feature for the launch of an exciting new site called Noticeworthy.  If you’re the kind of person that gets inspiration from checking out how your peers are kicking ass, this site is perfect for you.  Noticeworthy features articles about people making moves as well as venues, projects and ideas that should be on your radar.  There’s plenty on here to motivate anyone.


Check out my full interview:




Shirt Sale!!!


Have you copped a fly DJ Zimmie shirt for your girl yet?  They’re on sale right now at www.WhiteFolksGetCrunk.com.  Order today and you’ll get a shirt, sticker and a Wizard of AUS tour CD for only $20!  It’s the best deal on Earth, we checked.  Shipping’s on you, kiddo.





Kickstarter Recap


Trying to raise money for your idea but some moron is taking all the donations for potato salad?  I finally got around to writing up my experience with Kickstarter.



DJ Mustard


Wanna see how DJ Mustard creates platinum rap hits?  Prepare to be bored…



Vice Versa


Does the “golden rule” apply in the world of nightclubs and DJing?  I tried a little experiment recently on Craigslist and some people felt some type of way.



I swear that recap from my tour of Australia is coming…