Shut Up And Talk

If you’re like me, you’re addicted to podcasts.  Aside from a full diet of new and classic music to check out, I fill my plate with interesting people interviewing other interesting people.  I like them so much I even made my own (Extra Credit).   Another great podcast on the DJ information tip is hosted by the DJ/production duo Rock-It Scientists.  Not only are they constantly filling your DJ crates with custom bangtastic tracks, but they’re also talking to DJs about any and everything DJ-related.


On my tour last month I was invited over to talk about DJing and promote the #DJMovie project that I’m working on.  (If you haven’t donated or checked out “Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ”, you can do so at  We had a great talk about the ups and downs of DJing, the documentary and how we can un-fuck DJing. (Hopefully?)


Check out the podcast, subscribe, give them a good rating, send it to a club owner and get behind the DJ documentary movement.  (Even if you’re not a DJ!)


DJ Zimmie on the Shut Up And Talk podcast