Extra Credit Podcast

 One of my favorite parts of a DJ gig is the post-gig meetup / sh*t talk session that happens at 3 am with other DJs.  I love hearing about how the gig went, what was bad, what was good and if I haven’t seen the person in a while, what’s been up with them.  A lot of times DJs tell stories to each other that give the inside scoop about how “the best party ever” actually sucked or how they had an amazing night and things of that nature.  I wanted to capture some of these stories but also introduce some veteran DJs as well as producers & entertainers to DJs that might not be familiar.  Hopefully through their stories you’ll find some new DJs you love listening to and if you’re an up-and-coming DJ, you may learn a thing or two!


Episode 1 features Seattle veteran DJ Supreme La Rock.


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