4th of July 2011

4th of July this year was awesome.  Red Bull hired me to DJ out of their giant monster truck, the MXT.  The MXT transforms into a party with a full DJ setup, speakers, flat screen TVs, and an Xbox / Playstation setup in the tailgate.  When this bad boy is open, you can’t miss it.  I was downtown at the point for Pittsburgh’s Regatta all day and night on the 3rd and 4th.  There were events all day and night including Miles from the Red Bull Air Force dropping into the city occasionally from a helicopter in his Skyak.  In addition to the day gigs, I got to warm up the crowd for the fireworks and broadcast the choreographed music for the fireworks display.  There had to be 5,000 people at the point for the finale!  Check out the video at the bottom.  Thanks Red Bull!