Wish You Were Here Pt. 2

Sorry it took me a second to get this post up.  I came home to a pile of mail the size of a goat, a fridge full of stinky groceries and emails dating back to Benjamin Franklin.  I’m all caught up so here we go…


Great Stirrup Cay (Norweigian’s Private Island)


Rocking a party on the rooftop boat deck.



Tasty pineapple drinks.

Being a tourist.

This chair makes normal-sized people look tiny but apparently it’s Zimmie-size.

Halloween party (WTF)

Anthony and David, 2 of the Cirque aerialists on the boat.  (They asked me to keep my shirt on so that my body didn’t put theirs to shame).

Team WTF

DJ Banana and Lady Gaga


People be getting their engagement on.  (It’s the rock!)



Sushi time



Second City Comedy Troupe (and Kim, the shopping lady)


“Band on the Run”

The NCL Dancers


Just in case you need to shoot some craps while on board.


The “Village People” before a disco party.

I read my camera manual…

Back in NYC…